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Defying Gravity

ClubAir Trampoline Park Brings an Interactive Twist to Traditional Bouncing Fun

Have you ever wanted to walk on walls? How about watch yourself on the big screen while playing in a virtual reality trampoline game?

You can do all that and more at ClubAir in Warren. Since its opening in February, the indoor trampoline park has become a prime destination for kids and adults alike. Owner Anthony Mina conceptualized this new, interactive twist on traditional trampoline parks while doing activities with sons Matthew (16) and Max (12). “I wanted to create a recreational destination unlike any other in the region and bring it to our town,” he says. 

Mina traveled to different trampoline parks for inspiration, venturing as far as Canada. “In the United States, you see the same thing over and over at these centers: foam pits, basketball and arcade games,” he says. As he watched for the perfect location, he began interviewing companies across Europe, Australia and New Zealand to discover attractions not seen in the United States. 

His vision for ClubAir was razor-sharp: To bring activities to New Jersey that focused on technology, interaction, heightened user experience and safety. During build-out at the Mount Bethel Road location, he customized a state-of-the-art information technology center with a server connected to each room and all digital devices, allowing control over features and the ability to broadcast photos of guests to any screen in the building.

With a background in childcare centers, Mina understands how to keep kids engaged and having fun. He designed the park to provide an interactive experience that captivated their minds, raised their adrenaline and kept them safe. You will not find virtual reality goggles or foam pits here—they are too difficult to properly disinfect after use. Instead, ClubAir pits feature airbags covered with a top sheet that is treated with a patented antiviral and antibacterial additive, which kills up to 99 percent of viruses and bacteria. “We are the only park in the Northeast that I know of that has this technology,” he says. You’ll find these bags in other ClubAir attractions, such as the Warrior Zone, where you can enjoy a jousting battle with friends, Air Zone with Rope Swing and the unique Interactive Traverse Climbing Wall.

Cutting-edge technology is used for the ValoJump, which scans players with a built-in camera and projects their images into the game. “This allows players to see their real self in the game—not a cartoon version,” Mina says. “And unlike standard virtual reality games, our players don’t have to wear goggles. They are literally inside the game.”

Kids on the climbing wall are challenged by targets that keep the play interesting, says Mina, who notes that ClubAir is one of only three parks in the United States with this wall.

Also unique is the WallRider, which will have you bouncing on Olympic trampolines on your back and aiming your feet at flashing, interactive wall targets. Part gymnastics, part parkour, the game will jumpstart your heart rate as you develop skills and raise the difficulty level. As Mina says, “It’s addictive.”

ClubAir caters to all ages and skill levels, elevating traditional activities such as basketball, volleyball and dodgeball with an interactive, competitive twist. For example, Dodge Attack and Volley Attack feature targets above and on the side of the court that light up when struck to score points. “This is great for kids with special needs and sensory challenges who would not be comfortable being hit with a ball,” Mina says. “They can aim at targets instead.”

Adults can get in on the action, too. “We get a lot of requests for adult nights,” Mina says. “And come during our Glow Nights when you can wear clothes that glow and bounce underneath a UV light, laser lights, hazers and plenty of dynamic light features. It’s really cool.”

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  • Anthony Mina, Owner of ClubAir
  • Anthony Mina, Owner of Clubair, With Sons Max and Matthew