Out with the Old

Roch deGolian Helps Folks Find Their Way Home

There’s nothing like fatherhood to turn a father’s heart toward home. Indirectly, it also led one local entrepreneur into a business that helps others find their homes as well.  

Buckhead native Roch deGolian traveled every week selling electronic locks for hotels.  Since his wife, DeSales, was already commuting to Peachtree City, the couple moved here in 2000 shortly before the birth of their daughter, Blaise.  When Blaise turned two, Roch decided 18 years on the corporate road was enough. “It was time to be home more,” he said.

At the time, DeSales worked for a home construction company, and Roch joined her there. In 2016, the couple started their own company—DeGolian Residential, a home building and renovation firm.  Ironically, their first custom project began with demolishing an old home in Peachtree City, which they replaced with a magnificent custom home. “It was a great start and led to many projects,” Roch said.

Since building homes goes hand in hand with selling them, the deGolians’ business naturally evolved to include real estate sales.  Roch’s corporate sales experience and experience building and selling homes has been helpful.  Both he and DeSales are licensed residential builders and licensed Realtors.  “Many times, a buyer we represent will want to update or renovate their home,” Roch said.  “I can take on projects like that, or I can refer them to a trusted contractor.”

DeGolian Real Estate clients receive energetic, enthusiastic and specialized attention.  “There aren't many firms that can provide the resources we can, not just to our clients, but to our agents,” Roch said. 

Roch, company president, enjoys working with DeSales, broker and vice president. “We get along well because we respect each other's roles,” he said.  They also focus on supporting their 18 agents with “whatever it takes.”  “We are available at all times to answer questions, meet with clients, organize contractors, review inspection and appraisal reports, and help agents and clients work through sticky situations,” he said.

Although the Covid-19 ordeal may cause a slow down, Roch said the real estate market has remained strong, especially on the south side of Metro Atlanta.  “With commute time to the airport and housing costs less, the south side is the place to be!” he said. “Coweta County is exploding with growth and Fayette County is growing as well.  Many of the folks who have been in Fayette County for generations are selling their properties and moving to Meriwether, Heard and Pike counties.” 

Despite the DeGolians involvement in real estate, they haven’t forsaken building homes and renovations—mostly kitchens and bathrooms although they have done smaller projects such as a laundry rooms and pantries. “We are very selective about the projects we take on,” Roch admits.  “I am very particular about detail and finishes.  I won't use substandard contractors or substandard products. If we have a prospective client who is willing to commit the time and resources it takes to build or renovate only to the highest standards, then we will consider taking on the project.”  

Separating work and family time can be a struggle, but Roch said they have family meals most nights and find time to visit neighbors and DeSales’ mother, Connie, and to walk their Old English sheepdog, Fergie. And that young daughter, Blaise, that made Roch give up his career on the road?   She’s 19 and finishing her first year at Georgia College while preparing to transfer to the University of Georgia in August.

In his leisure time, Roch enjoys yard work, gardening, pool, golf, fishing, grilling and cooking. And his favorite room in the home is also the one he most likes to renovate for others—the kitchen. “To be trusted with someone's kitchen is a true compliment,” he said.  “It's where everyone gathers, eats, lives. This is the heart of the home.”

“To be trusted with someone's kitchen is a true compliment. It's the heart of the home.”

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