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Demery Wealth Advisors

Make Your Retirement the World’s Longest Coffee Break

Qué será, será. It’s a healthy, stoic attitude to adopt toward life’s problems – but it doesn’t justify poor planning. The decisions you make right now can reduce both the number and the severity of challenges you’ll face down the road. That’s the power of money. While it isn’t the secret to happiness, it’s no small part of it, either.

You can tell Kiley Demery is a man of heart and mind. After speaking with the independent wealth advisor for only a few minutes, you will sense that he genuinely cares about your well-being. And after spending only a short time working with him, you will see that he knows precisely how you can secure your best financial future, regardless of qué será.

“I moved to Minneapolis 28 years ago and went to work for AAA Minneapolis’ insurance department,” said Kiley. “That was my first exposure to the financial services industry. That is, unless you count my upbringing by my mother, who also worked in insurance and securities.  

“I was recruited as a financial representative by Northwestern Mutual in 2001. That’s when I discovered what I love most: establishing strong, rewarding and long-lasting relationships with my clients. It is a great privilege to get to truly know someone as a person. To learn their needs, wants and goals, even more so.”

Kiley continued climbing the career ladder. In 2004 he became a mortgage broker. In 2010, an advisor for Wells Fargo. He reached the top rung in 2017 upon founding Demery Wealth Advisors, which specializes in providing comprehensive wealth management services for individuals and designing qualified retirement plans for small business owners. 

“One course of action can dramatically improve your lifestyle today, as well as create a sound foundation for your retirement decades from now,” said Kiley. “But to anyone else, that same course of action is likely to prove useless. 

“Demery Wealth Advisors primarily owes its growth to favorable introductions. My clients are confident recommending my services to their friends and family because they know I will invest whatever time it takes to fully comprehend their objectives and how they hope to accomplish them. That level of commitment is paramount to developing a bespoke financial plan; one which accommodates everything that makes my client’s circumstances unique.

“Naturally, circumstances change. That’s why I stay in constant contact throughout the year. Sometimes I reach out to my client so we can go over a couple of routine agenda items, or simply to provide some new information that I believe would be of value. Sometimes they reach out to me to discuss major life events, such as their child’s acceptance to college, their latest major purchase, or their parent’s recent need for long-term care. Each conversation gives me the insight I need to fine-tune my client’s financial plan, ensuring that it continually serves their best interests.

“A robust private wealth plan goes far beyond asset management. It outlines investment strategies that strictly adhere to whichever risk parameters my client has deemed acceptable. It encompasses a variety of asset and income protection strategies, and takes tax efficiency heavily into account as well.  Finally, there is estate planning: will, trust, power-of-attorney and healthcare directives that ensure the best possible outcomes for my client and their family, regardless of whatever the future holds in store.

“Whether you have recently encountered a new challenge that could jeopardize your quality of life now and during your retirement – or you would simply like help navigating the uncertainty of day-to-day wealth management – then I welcome you to reach out today to schedule a consultation. With a little understanding, we can do great things!”

Visit today to learn more, or contact Kiley Demery directly at (952) 567-9387 or

Securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a registered investment advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC.

"With a little understanding, we can do great things!” – Kiley Demery

  • Kiley Demery

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