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Denver's Most Eligible Bachelorette

Surely not to be outdone by our bachelor, meet Denver's most eligible bachelorette, Justine Weigand! Justine, 29, is a Colorado native, born and raised, and has no intention of leaving.  She loves living near the mountains, close to downtown, surrounded by parks and able to be outside at a moments notice.  Justine is a runner, loves playing soccer and pickleball, and just being outside with friends and family.  She loves a good brewery and going out to new, fun restaurants.  Justine loves adventure and would even love to one day try bungee jumping (she's already been skydiving twice)!  Thrilling adventures in new places are her bucket list items!

Justine has a heart of gold that is unmatched by almost anyone you'll ever meet!  She is a first grade teacher who is incredibly dedicated to her students and her craft.  She loves each kiddo that enters her classroom and loves watching them grow and learn, not only as students, but as people too.  Her students help her to stay focused on what is truly most important in life. Justine pours herself into others: her students, her family, and her friends. She is very intentional, kind, and empathetic to those lucky enough to be around her.

Justine's perfect date is trying out a new brewery together, doing a fun activity together like axe throwing or an escape room, or taste testing a new, local restaurant.  Her ideal partner?  Justine is looking for someone who has an empathetic heart like hers, someone who can be a best friend, someone who is open and honest.  

If you think you're Justine's type, send your information to Denver North City Lifestyle at . If Justine agrees Denver North will pay for your first date.  (You must follow Denver North on Instagram @denvernorthcitylifestyle)