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Article by Ashley Hutcheson

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Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Seeking assistance from a medical professional can require discussing very private health concerns.  It can leave patients in a vulnerable situation and yearning for someone to listen to them with their whole heart. For years, Dr. Jill Crowell Fichtel has known this is the desire of many patients... so she acted on it.  Dr Jill is a Board Certified Dermatologist specializing in facial aesthetics, body contouring, and sexual health for men and women. She started Transformative Dermatology so her practice can be a space for patients to feel safe, feel heard, and heal.

A Nashville native, Dr. Jill has seen the area change, thrive and grow... a lot! She remembers The Galleria when it was just green pasture! In keeping with her mission, Transformative Dermatology intentionally has a low volume of patients so she can focus fully on everyone who walks through the doors. She remains steadfast in her goal, and every decision she makes within her practice centers on one question, How can I help?  "Lori, Michelle and I are truly a team.  We truly foster a joyful and  loving environment.”

 We caught up with Dr. Jill to find out why her mission statement includes making women and men in our community  FEEL better, LOOK better, LOVE better, and LIVE better. 

 FL: Why is it important that you treat the whole person physically and emotionally?

JF: Confidence can change someone’s life. Everyone has something that makes them beautiful both on the outside and inside and we focus on lighting that up, even if it’s just encouragement or a kind word. Our practice is about relationships; honesty, truthfulness, listening and a place of support.   

FL:  Your mindset is always to innovate, learn, and research.  How does that translate into products and services you provide?

JF: I focus on using the most natural and cleanest products possible. For instance, we use the patient’s own platelet rich plasma (PRP) to grow hair, enhance microneedling and laser results, give a breast lift, or for the O-shot and P-Shot.  We utilize cold technology for CoolSculpting and electromagnetic energy to build muscle (Emsculpt) and cure urinary incontinence (Emsella).

To me there is nothing more amazing than to use things of the earth like energy and your own body to cure your own body.  

 FL:  So many of your patients come to you with issues they are embarrassed to discuss with anyone including sexual health.  Why is changing the narrative and mindset about sexual health important for you? 

 JF: Sexuality is a beautiful part of who we are. There are so many things that can impact this including, age, medications, stress, and certain medical diagnoses, especially breast cancer survivors. We treat both men and women with surgery-free and prescription-free solutions.

FL:  Can you go into detail about health services you offer specifically for women?

JF: The great thing about these options are that they combat BOTH urinary incontinence AND sexual health for women.  As the old saying goes, we are taking care of two birds with one stone!  Emsella strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. The O-Shot stimulates blood supply to combat dryness. The Viveve device delivers radio frequency energy that stimulates collagen and healthy tissue growth where women need it most post-menopause. These also provide urethra support for incontinence improvement too.

FL: You have found that men can really struggle with opening up and discussing private health concerns. What new technology is available for men who may be hesitant to open up about these concerns?

JF: Many men suffer in silence and there is absolutely no reason they should have to.  First, men are nervous that aesthetic injections like Botox and filler will make them look fake or feminized.  I specialize in male aesthetics to give a natural youthful look that still looks masculine. I am an expert injector and teach techniques to other dermatologists around the country. As far as hair loss, I have many options including PRP injections which I have been doing for the last 8 years.  This use of PRP, in addition to my expertise as a dermatologist diagnosing and treating genital disorders including Peyronies has been a natural transition to treating sexual function (ED).  We use sound waves (Gainswave) and patients own PRP (P-Shot) to provide a natural solution. Emsella also strengthens the pelvic floor in men who have undergone prostate surgery or radiation. 

 FL: What technology or services do you offer that might surprise people? 

I offer Beautifill, a fat transfer procedure taking fat from one unwanted place and transferring to another like face, breast or buttocks.   

I also provide a painless non-invasive option for buttock augmentation using Emsculpt to lift, tone, and project the buttock muscles in combination with a filler in hip dips. 

It is important that patients are as comfortable as possible when getting procedures done. I LOATHE pain! Our resident teacup poodle  “Spice” hangs out in the office and always lends an extra set of paws to help patients relax. The Alpha Stim device and laughing gas (Pronox) alleviates anxiety and pain. And finally, we offer love.  TransformativeDermatology.com

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