Desert Foothills Landscape Shares Eco-Friendly Outdoor Inspirations

With Scottsdale moving toward an ECO friendly mindset, Landscape Designer and Hardscape Specialist Jake Plocher of Desert Foothills Landscape shares innovative practices to align with environmentally conscious homeowners.

"We now employ an irrigation system that offers flow control and a water monitoring system connected through the internet. It monitors flow dependent upon rain, sunshine and temperature."

Due to the intuitive nature of the system, it is ideal for those who call Scottsdale home for only part of the year. 

"The valves are set to water for the needs of each specific plant. If the water level is reached, the valve will shut off, alerting us to a leak. This means no high water bills."

To compliment this eco-friendly system, are outdoor vignettes that use less water.

"Most of our plant material uses minimal water -- the colors and finishes offer a lush environment with smart backing and constant beauty."

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1. Yucca Rostrata  – a solid piece in vignettes, these offer a whispy feel without constriction. Shimmery and alive with movement, these bushy headed blue toned plants can cast breathtaking shadows when lit properly.

2. Argentine Giant – A dark fleshed and meaty cactus, with the appearance of a saguaro, these plants bloom throughout the spring with 12 inch flowers. They are also polished and shiny with a regal look. 

3.  Pink Penstemon: This plant is based with a perennial tidy and compact clump of green foliage that can skyrocket 3 feet into the air, capped with beautiful, bell-shaped pink blossoms that add mouthwatering color and a touch of magic in spring and fall. This plant is low maintenance, requiring little water or pruning and it will reseed itself each year.


Desert Foothills Landscape installed and maintains the Carefee Gardens. It was created as a gift to the community, and features an array of unusual plant species that are only available in designated botanical garden areas.

"An evening walk there, inspires me to design. It offers that fresh perspective when I need it. I start asking myself, 'where can we take the landscape industry next?'"

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