Design Dilemmas

Dream House Designers Offer Their Advice on Common Design Challenges

1. How do I arrange my furniture?
Most people need help with arranging a room. Consider the scale of the room and be sure the size of the furniture fits well in the space and allows for easy traffic flow. A great way to understand your space is to use painter’s tape on the floor to map out an outline to help you visualize how a piece works in your space.

2. Accessorizing confuses me.
Accessories, like a beautiful pair of earrings, are a well-dressed room’s finishing touch, and nearly everyone needs help with it at one time or another. Start with plants; each room should have a few. They bring life and softness to any surface. Be aware that less is more when it comes to items on flat surfaces. A simple trio of candlesticks, a beautiful bowl on a low table and a balance of height and color on the mantel can all work together. Generally, pieces in groups of three work best together. Do mix textures for visual interest, and don’t forget the soft surfaces. Add a few complimentary pillows and a cozy throw to complete the look.

3. Should I put up curtains, and where do I place the rod?
Dressing the windows can be an overwhelming task with the vast array of options, but don’t neglect this as a window dressing will add softness and a polished look to the space. For most people, this one is best left for the professionals. However, if you are game to tackle it yourself, look to hang a drape halfway between the ceiling and the top of your window or sill to make the space feel as tall as possible. The same is true for an outside mounted shade.

4. What about this awkward space?
There are no shortages of homes with awkward rooms where you might think, who designed this? Any awkward room has potential, but it sometimes involves thinking outside of the box. Uniquely shaped sectionals will often do the trick. You might have to re-evaluate your expectations and decide what the space allows, rather than what you had in mind for it.

5. My room is a blank canvas. Where do I begin?
Starting fresh may seem like a dream come true. However, with so many details and thousands of options to decide upon, the whole experience can be overwhelming. Begin by doing some research. Houzz and Pinterest are great resources. By building a collection of images that inspire you and capture what you want your space to look like, you create a narrower path to lead you to achieve that vision.

6. My sofa pillows need some help.
Let’s begin with pillows 101. Pillow sizes that work best for living areas are 18 or 20-inches. The 20-inch pillow can sit in the back with the 18-inch in front, or simply use two 18-inch pillows, but substituting a lumbar pillow in place of the 18-inch pillow works well, too. Most designer pillows will have a down/ feather mix insert that provides the pillows with a luxury look and feel. 
Don’t go overboard with pillows. Begin with three pillows, always using an odd number, and you do not want each end of the sofa to be identical. Look for pillows with different designs and textures. Combining solids, patterns, and complementary patterns or geometrics with unusual textures of varying sizes helps make the space more interesting. 

Design dilemmas pose no match for the designers at Dream House in Downtown Frederick. They offer solutions to issues large and small, providing unique and thoughtful ideas and services. Inside the store, you will find a beautiful mix of furniture and accessories to complement every taste and style. Available to consult on projects of all sizes, Cassandra, Wendy and Mary thrive on using their creativity and expertise to find solutions for even the most challenging of quandaries. DreamHouseStyle.com

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