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Home Décor Tips

Article by Susan Lanier-Graham

Photography by Mindy Wester @house_on_oak_hill

Originally published in Ahwatukee City Lifestyle

Trying to find the best way to style your home and keep it fresh can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Product stylist Mindy Wester (on Instagram at @house_on_oak_hill)—East Valley mom of four boys and two chug pugs—shares a few tips that can keep your home décor fresh and fun, without added hassles.

Making Every Room Cozy

Wester says it's possible to make any room of the house feel welcoming and cozy:

  • Area rugs create warm and inviting areas. This is especially true with an open floor plan, as rugs help divide the space and draw the eye to one place at a time. Layering rugs can create dimension and add more interest to the overall living space. Rugs are also ideal for adding color to an otherwise neutral color palette.

  • Lighting is another excellent way to make a home feel inviting. Although bright white bulbs have been quite popular, you might look at using warmer light bulbs. You can find LED bulbs in a variety of shades now. A warmer light makes such a difference. Candles also create ambient lighting, especially when grouped or displayed as centerpieces.

  • Throw blankets scream cozy, Wester says. "You can never have too many!" You can incorporate throw blankets throughout your home. Consider displaying them on a blanket ladder, chair arm or benches, or toss them in decorative baskets. One trend Wester sees is an open concept linen cabinet/shelf/hutch, which makes blankets easily accessible yet decorative.

  • Florals add beauty and color to any space and are sure to make everyone smile when they enter a room. There’s something about nature that calms and relaxes us. Fresh flowers from the local grocery store have become very popular. You can set up a standing order with a local florist. Simple long-cut stems are perfect for table styling as well.

Changing Accents for Seasons

As the seasons change, we feel a nudge to switch up our home décor as well. Swapping out small décor items is a quick and easy way to recreate our spaces.

  • Throw pillows are an easy change up for the seasons. You can get the biggest seasonal bang for the buck if you purchase throw pillow covers rather than bulky pillow inserts. Keep in mind pillow inserts should be 2” larger than the cover for a full look. Use a (faux/real) down insert if you like that chopped pillow look.

  • Update artwork. Something Wester says is fun, easy and increasingly popular is updating artwork each season. This can be as easy as ordering prints on Etsy and using existing frames or buying canvas prints online. Picture ledges are perfect for displaying art above sofas, in small nooks or even stairwells.

  • Wreaths are a great seasonal update. Replacing the ribbon or adding a seasonal flower to an existing wreath can freshen things up without much effort. Consider thrift stores for faux stems and wreaths.

  • Don't forget the bathrooms! Decorate bathrooms with seasonal plants and change out towels or accents.