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Custom, handcrafted accessories by Catrina Curia Leather Goods

Born and raised in Mexico City, Claudia Villasana-Munoz found her first professional calling in life helping people through medicine. A few years ago, she found her second, bringing joy to others through designing and producing high quality, handcrafted, custom leather goods.

“I have always liked handbags and accessories. I grew up in a loving family but with very limited economic resources,” said Villasana-Munoz. “However, the lack of resources did not stop me from admiring and desiring good quality things. Now that I’m in my 40s, I have the tools and support I need to bring my desire of creating something beautiful to life. 

“My goal is to produce handbags and accessories that are high-quality, handcrafted, and unique. Each piece has a history and a name – like it can tell a tale, and that makes me truly happy.”

Each item’s meaningful story begins with the company name, Catrina Curia. La Catrina comes from one of the most recognizable icons of Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations held annually in honor of deceased family and friends. In Spanish, when someone is said to be catrín, it means they are well dressed and put together. Curia means organization, and Villasana-Munoz sees her company as an organization because of the coordination it takes between herself and the design and production teams to transform her ideas and dreams into exquisite products.

Using the highest quality leather, each handbag is designed for an elevated sense of beauty, style, and functionality. Catrina Curia offers three main collections of handbags: Artisanal, Blended and Venture. Using colors, materials, and designs which reflect Villasana-Munoz’s heritage and love of Mexican culture, the Artisanal collection includes hand-carved bags that often incorporate flowers in the design. This curation also highlights the colors and textures of Mexican culture and can take up to eight hours to make due to the intricate tooling and painting, which is done by hand.

The Venture collection provides functionality with a striking and daring twist through the use of exotic leathers like ostrich and alligator. With a more playful and youthful look, the Blended collection features bags created using a blend of different textures and fabrics. Travel bags and backpacks round out available options. 

“With the three collections plus the backpacks and weekender bags, I want to offer something for everyone,” Villasana-Munoz explained. “I think there is beauty in each piece but that does not mean everyone wants to wear the same bag, which is why I do not limit my designs to only one kind of handbag.”

Villasana-Munoz takes an active role in each step of the process from beginning by collaborating with a design team on each aspect of the handbag from choosing the type of leather to the placement of design features, such as patterns, zippers, and pockets. Once a prototype sample is created, she carries the bag and actively uses it to ensure functionality and makes adjustments to the design as needed.

When a design is sent to production, no more than 10 are made, ensuring that customers receive a unique product. Handbags can be easily customized by modifying the color, texture or by adding personal information details like a monogram or company logo.

When people pick up and choose one of her handbags, Villasana-Munoz wants them to experience the awe and enjoyment she has experienced over the years when she discovered the perfect accessory. 

“I want people to fall in love with the products we produce because the bags are made with passion and love to bring people joy,” she shared. “I also want customers to feel special when someone compliments them on their handbag and to feel empowered, because a good accessory has the potential to make you feel that no matter what, you can conquer the world.”

By purchasing these handmade products, patrons support small businesses and artisans who use their talents to craft each bag. 

“I do the research on producers and choose those who treat their employees well, pay them well, and give back to the community,” explained Villasana-Munoz. “I also look for producers who give opportunities to individuals who otherwise would not have an opportunity to work because of lack of education or resources.”

To browse the current Catrina Curia collections, visit or reach out by emailing Follow Catrina Curia on Facebook and Instagram for updates and previews of products that will be available.

Gift certificates are available and all products come with a craftsmanship warranty ensuring the best quality products.

"Each piece has a history and a name – like it can tell a tale."

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