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The perfect dress for that special day (and night)

Thoughts of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Lauren Bacall evoke images of class and elegance. These are the impressions and feelings that Sareh Nouri focuses on when designing her wedding gowns. 

“My dresses are for those timeless, elegant brides who love fashion,” says Sareh, who lives in Essex Fells. “They are wearing it on one of the most important days of their lives, so you’re a big part of their day and it’s something that stays with the bride. This is their wedding dress and they’re always going to remember that dress and the designer.”

After not being able to find the perfect fairy tale dress for her own wedding, she decided to design one of her own. She used her background in art and graphic design to create an unforgettable gown, and was so thrilled with the result that she decided to make other brides’ dreams of that perfect dress come true as well.

Today, Sareh Nouri New York is an international brand that sells to over 60 stores around the world. In June of 2020, she opened her flagship store in The Mall at Short Hills. It’s a bright and airy luxury boutique with impeccable personal service. Her team, from the front desk to her sales staff, is welcoming and knowledgeable. “We want everyone to feel comfortable and not intimidated,” she says. “It’s intimate, quiet and serene.” Brides come from all over, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.

In addition to wedding dresses, there are veils, bridal jewelry, boleros, and luxury bridal robes. “The same lace used in the wedding dresses is used in the robes, so that’s what makes them so special,” says Sareh.

Not only does the store carry her signature wedding gowns and accessories, which are all made right here in New Jersey, but it also has a wonderful selection of evening gowns. “They are all made to order, and come in a sea of colors,” she says. “If someone wants to customize a gown and change the neckline or something else, they can do that. We offer alterations in our design studio in Rutherford, so clients get to work with the actual people who made their dresses.”

The price point for the evening gowns is usually between $2200 and $4000, but, she says, you get what you pay for. “These are not off the rack – they are going to have a really good fit. Someone who has that budget understands that.”

Fabrics are sourced from all over the world, including Italy, Spain and Asia. While her dresses look amazing standing still, it’s when they move that you get that “wow” effect. The flow of the fabric is incredible, which you can see from the videos on her website. “It’s all about construction and the fit of the dress and good quality fabrics,” says Sareh. “I’m not into very shiny fabrics and I’m not a fan of flimsy dresses.

“I love working with fabric and texture. Picking the fabric, draping it and designing are my favorite parts of the process. When it comes to life and you see it on the models, and even better, the brides, it’s very inspiring and motivating.”

For bridal services, she recommends making an appointment at least a year in advance, especially with COVID creating shipping issues. She also recommends an appointment for purchasing evening gowns, although you don’t necessarily need one if they aren’t busy.

Although Sareh spends most of her time in her design studio, she does go into the salon at least once a week. So, there is a chance that the bride will actually get to meet the person who has designed her dress. That itself will make for a memorable day!

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