Designers Gowns That Make Bodies Beautiful

New collections reflecting classic charm and grace

When Sareh Nouri designs a dress, her goal is to make the wearer feel confident and beautiful. With lovely, imported fabrics and precision construction, her dresses flow naturally along the body.

Walking into the luxurious Sareh Nouri New York flagship salon at the Mall at Short Hills to purchase one of these masterpieces is an experience in itself. Clients are offered amazing white-glove customer service, and there’s always something new to discover as one season changes into the next. 

For brides, Sareh recently launched her Southern Charm collection. Southern brides, with their extravagant weddings, inspired her to create these extraordinary designs. While still reflecting the classic and timeless look that she’s known for, these gowns exhibit a bit more flair and modern style with more intricate laces and patterns. Of course, they all still have the outstanding seam work and construction of all her gowns. To complete the entire look, matching accessories including veils, boleros, and capes are also available.

“This collection is absolutely one of my favorites,” says Sareh. “It’s a very unique collection. We used a lot of texture and beading, which we normally don't do, because we're known for our clean dresses with bows.”

When it first debuted in New York, she says it was very well received. “Almost every source said that it was one of the best collections we've ever had, and one of the strongest. As the seasons go by, designs get even more elevated and a little bit different.”

Of course, you don’t have to be a bride to enjoy wearing one of Sareh’s beautiful creations. Her evening gown collections are also stunning and forever changing, according to clients’ preferences.

“When we launched the first collection of evening gowns, we had just started selling from our flagship store in Short Hills, so it was a trial to see what women were looking for,” she says. “We ended up doing really well with what we had, but we heard the desire for sleeves and more coverage for the arms. And instead of ball gowns and trumpets, they wanted softer A-lines and/or more columns.”

Sareh incorporated those changes and added a few novelty pieces with more texture and patterns instead of just solids as well. “I thought it would be a nice option,” she says. “We also went with different colors like deep greens and a beautiful light blue.”

As always, every dress is made in the U.S.A. “That’s critical for me,” she says. “Working with an international brand that is local, that has control over their production, is really important.”

Her new and enchanting collections of bridal and evening gowns can be viewed at Here, you’ll see picture after picture of dresses so beautiful, it’ll be difficult to choose just one. Of course, for evening gowns, there’s no limit - you’ll just have to find more reasons to get dressed up! To see them in person at the salon, make an appointment by calling 862-901-6465 or 862-901-6459.

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