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The dynamic duo behind House of Four Design

Meet the dynamic duo shaping the aesthetic landscape of Las Vegas, Melody Gangi and Claira Brown. 

Melody Gangi, the founder of House of Four Design, a full service interior design studio, traces her creative journey back to her South African roots. Although her early passion centered around dance—having been classically trained in ballet, jazz, and tap—Melody's enduring love for design accompanied her throughout her life. 

As a young adult, she pursued her dance dreams globally, earning a degree in business along the way. After retiring from her dance career, Melody found a new home in Las Vegas, where she established her family. 

Reflecting on the accomplishments of House of Four Design, Melody expresses pride and gratitude for the creative strides made over the years. When not immersed in design projects, she dedicates ample time to her family and occasionally seeks rejuvenation through weekend escapes, emphasizing the importance of consistent recharging for ongoing inspiration.

Claira Brown, a vital part of House of Four Design, shares her creative journey rooted in her Las Vegas upbringing. After attending architecture school and gaining design experience in San Francisco, Claira returned to her hometown intending to further her career. 

Joining House of Four Design four years ago marked a significant milestone, where Melody welcomed her as an equal partner. With a passion for community involvement, travel, and savoring the diverse offerings of Las Vegas, Claira looks forward to the continued magic that House of Four Design will create. As she envisions the exciting projects ahead, Claira emphasizes the significance of fostering both personal and professional growth within the vibrant city she proudly calls home.

Their partnership, marked by diverse backgrounds and shared passion, forms the driving force behind House of Four Design Studio.

The studio's genesis traces back to Melody's self-taught design showcased on her blog and Instagram, "My House of Four." Intrigued followers soon transitioned into clients, prompting the collaboration with Claira in 2019 and the rebranding of the studio. Since then, they have successfully executed more than 50 projects.

House of Four Design Studio offers a comprehensive array of services, from full-scale design projects and hourly consulting to window treatments and furnishing/styling services. Their approach involves tailored, in-person design consultations at project locations, ensuring a personalized experience that aligns with the client's specific needs.

Melody and Claira prioritize advising and educating clients, providing professional opinions, and ensuring informed decision-making. By understanding each client's unique requirements, the studio aims to achieve tailored design solutions. Whether it involves navigating countertop options or suggesting design alternatives, House of Four Design Studio prioritizes client satisfaction.

Both Melody and Claira express their delight in witnessing the resurgence of vintage elements in mainstream design. The duo shares a passion for not only revitalizing spaces but infusing them with character and charm. Both find satisfaction in the process of bringing a sense of history and uniqueness to contemporary environments. Additionally, they highlight the current shift towards deep and warm tones, a departure from the prevalent blues and greens in recent years. 

House of Four Design Studio encapsulates a journey fueled by passion, collaboration, and a commitment to crafting timeless and personalized design experiences.

Embracing the introduction of earthy and warm tones, Melody and Claira love evolving trends, finding joy in the rich and diverse palette that these elements bring to their design projects.

Reluctant to commit to a complete style overhaul? Melody and Claira recommend starting with a simple yet impactful change: paint. Experimenting with shades such as Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace, Simply White, and Decorator's White, allows homeowners to refresh their space without a drastic transformation.

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