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Stapp at a live painting event, creating art for a new Eegee's location in the Valley.

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Designing Her Own Path

Meg Stapp creates a beautiful career

Ahwatukee artist and entrepreneur Meg Stapp wears a lot of hats— she’s an illustrator, designer, muralist, and creative consultant. Her work varies in size from company logos to large murals and everything in between. What perhaps stands out most about her creative journey is that she taught herself her impressive skill set—an accomplishment that she’s grateful for and hopes inspires others to pursue their dreams as well. 

“I’ve been doing art for seven years and full-time for five. I’m all self-taught; I started drawing as therapy, but I never thought I’d create art and get paid for it,” Stapp shares. “I noticed that at work I’d start doodling or drawing when I was bored or restless and I really enjoyed it. I took that as a sign to pursue my art. Doodles and drawings turned into illustrating and lettering.”

As time went on and she developed her craft, Stapp honed her skills in graphic design, illustrating, typography, hand lettering, branding, murals, and more. She describes her work as detailed, often using heavy strokes and bright colors. Her art most often starts out digitally, especially the murals, and she then goes from there to perfect the design and move the concept from idea to final product. 

Creating a name for herself and client base, her work can be seen at businesses across the Valley, including Fox Restaurant Concepts, Harkins Theaters, The Ostrich Bar, Highball Cocktails, and many more. Oftentimes, private residents will hire her for murals for their homes and she’s even worked with local municipalities to turn utility boxes into works of art. She shares that she’s currently working on a mural project for U-Haul’s downtown campus. 

“It’s scary and exciting how it [her business] has grown a lot—and it’s all organic, natural growth,” Stapp says. “It all stems from my passion though; I absolutely love what I do.”

Looking toward the future, Stapp plans to continue to grow and expand her client base and continue to teach herself and perfect her craft. She hopes that by sharing her story of success that she inspires others to follow their passions and creative pursuits. 

“It takes courage and guts to take a leap of faith and bet on yourself,” Stapp says. “This is a role that I literally designed for myself, and I wouldn’t be here without a leap of faith. I wouldn’t be here had I not stepped out of my comfort zone and bet on myself.”

For those interested in following her artistic journey, find her on Instagram @meghowart.

  • Stapp's hand lettering is featured at Postino WineCafe.
  • Stapp at a live painting event, creating art for a new Eegee's location in the Valley.
  • Ahwatukee artist Meg Stapp.
  • Burger of the Month menu board at Zinburger.
  • Stapp developed and designed the logo and branding for local cocktail bar Century Grand.
  • Born and raised in Arizona, Stapp says a piece of her heart is here in the desert.