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Dancing to the beat of her own drum has worked out for this Park Cities designer.

Michelle Lynne is, in her own words, running and gunning all the time. She has a two-year-old daughter, runs two businesses and still makes time to stick to her daily rituals. But her confidence is what shines through. 

““I know God has me where I'm supposed to be right now, because things keep working out,” she says of how she got to where she is today. “God’s timing and rose colored glasses.” 

Michelle hit the workforce in the restaurant industry and pushed her way to management at a young age. She stumbled into financial industry recruitment and lived in the corporate world for a while before asking, “Ok God, what next?” 

Finally settling in her third career, Michelle emphasizes the importance of having absolute certainty in yourself. “I had no freaking clue that I would be able but I knew i would figure it out, and I would work my butt off to get there.” 

Her business started in home staging, which was her key focus from 2008-2012. In 2013, the Dallas housing market skyrocketed and staging work dried up because the houses were turning too quickly. She turned to interior designing, which Michelle says she had been doing all along for friends and family. Now, she runs a team of two interior designers that work for her, Debbie Pratt and Megan Fornes, and make up ML Interiors Group.

“I’m blessed to have an amazing team,” says Michelle. “They handle a majority of the design work, which has allowed me to step away from the “one million design details” that go into every project and start Designed for the Creative Mind.” 

Not one for sticking with the status quo, Michelle saw another opportunity to share her charismatic people skills and business acumen and started a company that teaches other interior designers how to run their business. She has a firm belief that we have to lift each other up - we have to ALL lift each other up and celebrate each other’s success. 

Maybe one of her best pieces of advice is something we could all take heed of in this day and age: collaboration over competition is key in any industry.

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