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Two Companies, One Big Happy Team

DFW Fence Pro And DFW Roofing Pro Operate Seamlessly For Customers

Many Americans share the dream of wanting to start a business; only some are driven, determined and fortunate enough to make that dream a reality. Blake Luby is the proud owner of not one, but two local businesses:  DFW Fence Pro and DFW Roofing Pro. Although they’re separate entities, both were built from the same passion and now operate together as business family.

While in his teens, Blake was an avid golfer, playing professionally on mini tours. He says he was considering dozens of golf scholarship offers when fate changed his course. A serious vehicle accident during his senior year in high school resulted in a shoulder injury and derailed his plans. Instead of leaving for college, he recovered from the accident and went to work for his mom’s neighbor, who owned a landscaping business. Although it was different path from his original plans, he says he found himself gaining valuable skills and experience, such as sales, becoming bi-lingual and getting his agricultural and pesticide licenses.

Blake then went on to work for Valley Crest, the company responsible for maintaining the beautiful landscaping at Disney World, and furthered his knowledge and experience on a larger scale.

He says he saved money and eventually purchased his own trailer and spray rig, which allowed him to open his own, full-service landscaping company. By the time he turned 22, he’d built and sold three landscaping businesses.

The hard work and business knowledge Blake gained in his early years has allowed him to make DFW Fence Pro and DFW Roofing Pro into the thriving businesses they are today. He also attributes his mom, Donna Luby, with instilling in him a strong work ethic. “She raised me with a no-excuses mentality,” he lovingly remembers.

He runs his businesses alongside a very tight-knit team that includes his brother, Brandon. Blake considers his team to be all one big family, whether they’re related or not.

Kailyn Palladino, who works on the fence team, says she “loves how each person has a role, and can be trusted 100% to do their job.” Kailyn’s husband, Bryce, also works alongside her. Blake refers to Bryce and Brandon as ‘his right-hand men.’ Kailyn jokes, “Bryce and Blake have the same brain.”

DFW Fence Pro, the oldest of Blake's two businesses, offers a full range of both residential and commercial fence installation and repair services, including wood and wrought iron fences, as well as custom gates. Their crew can assist in selecting the best option for yards and also match lifestyles and budgets, keeping in mind aesthetics, privacy needs, maintenance and functionality. In addition, DFW Fence Pro offers same-day, 24/7 emergency fence repair and replacement to support their clients after installation.

Blake emphasizes the skill and experience his fence crew possesses. “All they do is fences. They’re not just handymen,” he says. 

DFW Roofing Pro offers a full range of both residential and commercial roofing repair and replacement services, including roof tune-up, gutter replacement and installation, water restoration, garage door repair and installation, painting, siding repair and installation, drywall repair and installation and concrete work.

Shortly after DFW Roofing Pro began, McKinney experienced two huge hailstorms, which created rapid growth for the company. Blake recalls that he was once told he wouldn’t make it in the roofing business because it was too difficult. He’s definitely proven that prediction wrong.

Both companies are members of the Good Contractors list, have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, boast a lifetime workmanship warranty and timely completion on their work, have bonded and insured crews, state-of-the-art equipment, and around-the-clock emergency customer support. The general contractors in both DFW Fence Pro and DFW Roofing Pro state they can handle the full scope of any insurance claim, which is paramount during Texas hail seasons. Their teams also guide customers through relevant codes and restrictions. They support customers through approval processes, including providing concise and timely plans and descriptions for the approving parties, while making any needed adjustments for a quick turnaround. 

Blake says his favorite element about both of his businesses is “helping customers and seeing them happy with the completed job.”

“We strive for 100% satisfaction, and we’re committed to excellence. The biggest thing for us is referrals from other happy customers," says Blake, who has lived in and operated in the McKinney region for more than 20 years.

Outside of work, Blake still enjoys spending time with his work family by hosting steak dinners at his house and even going on trips together. He has two young boys, Hudson (10) and Hayes (8). His fiancé, Morgan, also has a son, Knox (3). He’s already started sharing his love of golf with their boys. Given the strong work ethic coursing through the family, perhaps the boys will carry on the family business someday.