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Dining At Home

Advice Editorial: Bring Backyard, Personal Patio Bistro To Life

Take a fun and creatively unique approach to saving money on high-dollar restaurant meals by reimagining your patio as an outdoor bistro. Set the table with fresh flowers, printed napkins, placemats, candles and instrumental music on a portable speaker. It’s all about creating a special vibe for the night.

Choose a theme for the meal, perhaps using travel or a book story as inspiration. If you’ve been to a certain region on a memorable vacation, or if you’re planning one, wine from that location can make the dinner feel especially momentous.

Fresh cut flowers from a garden add an inviting touch, especially if hosting guests. Spring and summer periods are the perfect time to enjoy one's home for an evening rather than driving to a crowded spot with long wait times.

Dining at home has many perks: from better controlling the nutrition of meals and dressing however fits the mood to eating in private at any time of the night; plus it usually costs significantly less.