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Dining Out With Fred Bernhardt

To eat is a necessity, but to eat splendidly is an art

The Restaurant

Passion behind food presentation and a friendly atmosphere make Wood.Ash.Rye in historic St. George unique. Located in The Advenire, a Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel, guests experience fine dining in a distinctive setting, where dishes are offered in “share style.”

Recommendations from the Chef

Doug Gerfeide, chef de cuisine, recommended the cubed pork belly watermelon appetizer, combining sweet and tangy flavors wonderfully. The bone-in ribeye steak topped with aracharra salsa and caramelized green onion oil was tender and delicious. The grilled salmon entrée was served with a grilled vegetable variety in a coleslaw-type garnish. The street-sized duck tacos were outstanding: shredded duck and cabbage slaw packed into corn tortillas with chipotle aioli and guajillo dressing. The grilled carrots were garnished with cotija cheese.

Save Room for Dessert

Completing the splendid dining experience for two was the panna cotta custard topped with passion fruit boba bubbles and seasonal fruit, and caramelized banana bread pudding crowned with whipped cream and pecans—exquisite!

Wood.Ash.Rye is located at 25 West St. George Boulevard. Visit

  • Chef de Cuisine Doug Gerfeide and Fred Bernhardt
  • Wood.Ash.Rye
  • Street-sized duck tacos
  • Panna cotta custard
  • Carmelized banana bread pudding crowned with whipped cream and pecans