Directing the Future of Bozeman’s Airport

Brian Sprenger Gets it Right

Brian Sprenger grew up around aviation and the airline industry. Both of his parents and his uncle worked in the industry and he always had a fondness for it.

 In the early 1980s, he began his own career in aviation when he started cleaning airplanes. Sprenger soon moved to Bozeman and for the next 14 years, he cleaned airliners for Northwest Airlines. He expanded his business from Bozeman, cleaning airplanes and handling additional duties for Northwest in multiple locations throughout the country, including their headquarters in Minnesota.

 In the late 1980s, he had an opportunity to return to Bozeman full time as the Assistant Airport Director to Ted Mathis who was nearly 20 years into his Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport career. Sprenger gained valuable experience and sage insight working under Mathis for nearly a decade until taking over as the Airport Director in 2009 when Mathis retired.

 Sprenger works in partnership with a diverse and experienced five-member board.. The board members are appointed by the Gallatin County Commission and serve five-year terms for up to four terms. With Ted Mathis now on the board and with the group enjoying a low turnover, this team has been able to guide growth in a thoughtful, sustainable manner while keeping the unique character and “Rocky Mountain” feel of the facility.

 As air traffic continues to increase along with the growth of Gallatin Valley and surrounding areas, Brian and his team plan decades ahead with intention. They draw on their vast experience, their wealth of local knowledge, and their strong relationships with area residents to ensure Bozeman and the surrounding area have the best possible airline service combined with a uniquely Montana welcome experience at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.

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