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A New Spin on Golf

Three locations to play disc golf in and around Greeley

Have you ever been at a park and noticed a unique looking structure with vertical hanging rows of chains jutting out from a center pole? This carefully designed structure is a disc golf basket. With people’s desire to find safe alternatives to indoor activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, disc golf has experienced a substantial amount of growth, with massive increases in participation and course infrastructure. The 2021 Disc Golf Growth Report showed a 50% increase in disc golf courses built from the previous year.  

The Disc Golf Association (DGA) was established in 1976 by Ed Headrick and his son Kenny to form a new international sport and to promote the installation and use of disc golf courses around the world. Ed, referred to as the “father of frisbee and disc golf,” coined and trademarked the term disc golf, and envisioned a game that would explode in popularity. Over the past 40 years, Ed’s vision has come to life. Although disc golf is a world-wide sport, the United States holds more than two-thirds of the courses world-wide.

Greeley resident Bojess Villegas started playing disc golf eight years ago after a neighbor’s invitation. “Our family lived near a course, and I played one game with him and I was hooked,” said Villegas. Now, disc golf is one of the Villegas family's favorite pastimes, and Villegas often plays the game with his wife and three sons. Since it's free to play most courses, it's something that their family can do together without spending a lot of money.

Greeley is lucky to have three free disc golf courses in our community. Bojess’ advice for those just starting out is: be patient, have fun, and talk to your local sporting goods store to ask about the discs available and which ones are good for beginners. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get started with good discs.

1. Epple Park

Nestled in beautiful Epple Park, this short course sees play regularly and includes 6 holes lined with trees along the fairway, making accuracy important. The course has a small lake and a small creek runs through the center of the course.

43rd Avenue and West 4th Street, Greeley

2. University of Northern Colorado

The first tee is southwest of Michener Library in the heart of the University of Northern Colorado’s (UNC) campus. The 14 holes are spread throughout the west side of the campus. Since it’s located on the UNC campus, the area is busier on weekdays during school hours due to pedestrians but less crowded on nights and weekends.

14th Street and 22nd Avenue, Greeley

3. Pioneer Park

This 9-hole course is located in Pioneer Park in the Ashcroft Heights Subdivision. Pioneer Park offers two playgrounds, a disc golf course, walking paths, picnic area, and a large open turf/grass area. The layout of the Pioneer Park disc golf course has been mapped in Google.

3701 Ponderosa Court, Evans 

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