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Discovering Beauty and Confidence:

The Laser Derm Med Spa Experience

Located in the vibrant heart of Shawnee, Laser Derm Med Spa stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of beauty and skincare. Founded in 2003 by the visionary Dr. Joseph Leiker, this family-owned practice has earned a reputation for their commitment to providing top-notch patient care.

While the spa has offered an array of services over the years, including Botox, fillers, and laser skin resurfacing, its commitment to becoming a true expert in laser hair removal sets it apart. “Over the years we’ve honed our craft and made a conscious decision to truly become experts in one area and chose to specialize in our most popular service—laser hair removal,” shares President of Laser Derm Med Spa, Eric Leiker, Dr. Joseph Leiker's son and a pivotal figure in the spa's success. 

"The popularity of medical spas and laser treatments reflects a broader trend towards self-care and wellness," notes Eric. "In a fast-paced world, people are increasingly seeking treatments that offer lasting results and boost their confidence." Laser hair removal, in particular, has become a known game-changer for many, offering a convenient and effective solution to the age-old problem of unwanted hair.

At Laser Derm, the focus is not just on providing services but on creating a personalized experience for each client. "We take tremendous effort to ensure once a patient sees a specific provider that we place them with the same provider for their follow-up treatments," says Eric. This commitment to personalized care extends to their approach to appointments—patients often marvel at the personal touch of receiving a phone call within minutes of submitting an email inquiry.

Safety and comfort are paramount at Laser Derm. The spa boasts over 10 lasers specifically designed for hair removal, each equipped with a chiller system to cool the skin and ensure a comfortable experience. Their patented Skintel device analyzes the skin's melanin content to customize treatment settings, ensuring both safety and efficacy each visit.

“For example, the same patient who presents in December may come in again in April upon returning from a spring break trip,” Eric explains. “So you don’t want to simply use the same exact settings that you used on the prior treatment. In this way, we are customizing the treatments every visit.”

The Laser Derm Med Spa team prioritizes educating clients about the laser hair removal process, setting realistic expectations, and emphasizing long-term results over quick fixes. "We want to set expectations at a reasonable level as well. Unfortunately, too many hair removal clinics will try to overpromise and say that their clients will never have a hair come back or they will never shave again, but that’s not typically the reality of how the process works,” says Eric. “Even though every patient may not get to 100% reduction, an 80-90% improvement can be absolutely life changing.”

For those curious to learn more about Laser Derm Med Spa, a visit to their website ( or social media channels (@laserdermkc) provides a glimpse into their services and promotions. With a commitment to excellence, personalized care, and innovation, Laser Derm Med Spa continues to shine as a beacon of beauty and confidence in our community.

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