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Photography by sekontry

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Discovering His Truth Through Music

Local Musician Matt Jordan on His Debut Album, "The Gamble"

"I'm super restless, and I have no reason to be," Matt Jordan said. "I have everything I need in the world. But there is a restlessness inside me." After nine years of writing and recording songs in Nashville, this hometown singer-songwriter is ready to release his first album, "The Gamble." 

"I'll be releasing a new single every four weeks until the full album release on Oct. 25, 2022," said Matt. The first single, “The Good Fight,” was released in May on Spotify and promoted on the radio. "It's a fun, upbeat summer song," said Matt. "The single coming out in June is called ‘Boulder.’ It's an angsty rock ‘n’ roll song. The hook is, "It ain't a chip on my shoulder/It's a boulder." Matt laughed and said, "It's a fun, in-your-face single."

Matt has arranged the songs on the album to show a progression of growth and maturity. "The first couple of songs are restless, need-to-get-out-of-town, dreamer songs," said Matt. "But by the end, the songs are about the character realizing that it's OK to be where he is."

Matt talked about how the last song on the album is a tribute to his family. "The song 'Cashing Out' is about me recognizing all the things my family put up with as I traveled back and forth from Nashville over the last nine years. The hook is, 'Save my seat at the table/I'll be back around/It ain't goodbye forever/but for now I'm cashing out.'"

"The best advice I received when I was in Nashville was, 'Don't chase the radio.’ Over the past two years, I've had so much time to be intentional and figure out who I am as an artist and writer. The songs I write are the songs I write, and it's taken intentionality to stay true to my music instead of trying to sound like something on the radio."

With his heartfelt lyrics and vocal stylings of a young Bruce Springsteen, it's easy to see why Matt instantly connected with the audience when he recently opened for Chris Lane at The Pageant. And of all the concert venues in St. Louis, Matt has chosen The Kirkwood Performing Arts Center for his album release concert on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2022.

Can't wait till November to see him live? Matt will take the stage on Thursday, June 9, at the Downtown Kirkwood Special Business District Summer Concert Series from 6:30–9 p.m.

Head over to to hear Matt's music catalog and see excellent concert footage.

  • Photography by sekontry
  • Photography by sekontry