Discovering Modern Function with Vintage Style

The Haus of Hue Approach

The Essence of Haus of Hue is seen in a world where modern design often leans towards the generic and mass-produced. That’s where Haus of Hue emerges as a beacon of originality and intimate exclusivity. Specializing in the curation of original vintage pieces, this premier design resource caters to an international clientele who cherishes uniqueness in their living spaces. At the heart of their philosophy is the creation of environments that not only look exceptional but feel deeply personal and exclusive.

The driving force behind Haus of Hue is Lauren Bakarian-Simpson, a name now synonymous with innovative and inspired interior design. A brand visionary with an eye for the unique and a heart for the authentic, Lauren and her team are not just designers; they are storytellers. Each project is a narrative, woven with one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that reflect the personal journey and style of each client.

With a unique approach to interior design, Haus of Hue’s approach to interior design is refreshingly distinct. The focus is not just on aesthetics but on evoking a sense of intimacy and exclusivity in every space. "My passion," Lauren states, "is to unearth uniqueness and authenticity in every piece we curate. We aim to help our customers create spaces that are not just visually stunning but are memorable and deeply personal." This philosophy sets them apart in a market saturated with predictability.

Crafting spaces that tell a story is what truly makes Haus of Hue exceptional in their commitment to individuality. No two designs are ever the same. Each client’s vision and sense of style are the primary inspirations for every project. From chic urban apartments to sprawling suburban homes, the team at Haus of Hue ensures that every space they touch transforms into a sanctuary that reflects the unique personality and taste of its occupants.

In a time where "unique" is often just a buzzword, Haus of Hue stands as a testament to what true originality and craftsmanship can achieve. For those seeking a space that is not just a house but a home, a reflection of themselves, and a collection of stories, Lauren Bakarian-Simpson and her team are the go-to experts. Discovering modern function with vintage style isn't just a service they offer; it's an art they master, one vintage piece at a time.

My passion is to unearth uniqueness and authenticity in every piece that we curate and create and to help our customers create memorable and one-of-a-kind designs for their home and office. 

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