Dive into Adventure this Holiday Season

Meet Larry with 3rd Reef Divers, the man who makes underwater dreams come true

With the holidays approaching and vacation time nearly here, it is a perfect time to swim over to 3rd Reef Divers to help plan your next vacation with a dive trip. Nestled in the heart of Henderson, this hidden gem awaits adventure seekers and underwater enthusiasts, offering not just diving experiences but a gateway to extraordinary memories. Dive into the depths of exploration, and you'll discover why they are called 3rd Reef Divers.

The name 3rd Reef Divers finds its origin in the intriguing history of Midway Atoll, a remote paradise often deemed one of the most isolated places on our planet. In 1996, the U.S. Navy transferred administrative duties of the Atoll to the U.S. Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Services. However, financial challenges loomed due to the Atoll's unique location and abundant wildlife. It was during this time that the idea of opening Midway Atoll to the public was conceived, and 3rd Reef Divers seized the opportunity to become the very first dive operation on the Atoll.

Larry, the driving force behind 3rd Reef Divers, vividly recalls the moment when this adventure began with a festive touch. "Let's have a party and celebrate all our hard work… LUAU!" he exclaimed. Their plan was simple: divers would hunt for lobsters, fishing enthusiasts would catch fish, and the eco-tourism group would secure drinks. As they set sail, an unexpected encounter with a "shark" added an exciting twist. Larry quickly clarified that it was, in fact, a ray. But as they turned the boat around to investigate further, they stumbled upon a colossal Tiger Shark, which they playfully named "Maximus Colossus Giganticus King Tiger."

Despite the intimidating encounter, Larry's unwavering confidence in his training, equipment, dive buddies, and environmental assessment skills prevailed. They continued their journey to the 1st, 2nd, and finally, the 3rd Reef, where the colossal Tiger Shark made yet another appearance. With a mutual "High-5," Larry and his dive buddy plunged into the water, captured large lobsters, and celebrated a memorable evening.

Larry's story beautifully embodies the spirit of 3rd Reef Divers: boundless confidence and an insatiable passion for exploration. Whether you dream of discovering underwater reefs or embarking on your own aquatic adventure, 3rd Reef Divers will turn your dreams into realities.

Larry's journey in the world of diving began in 1988 when he became a PADI Divemaster and Instructor while exploring the underwater wonders of Hawaii. He later owned and operated several successful dive shops in Hawaii and even established the first and only dive shop on historic Midway Atoll. In 1993, Larry achieved the prestigious title of PADI Course Director/Instructor Trainer, teaching instructor-level courses across various locations, including Hawaii, Okinawa, and Las Vegas.

His extensive experience in the specialized dive entertainment industry includes roles such as Head of Aquatics at the “O" Show in Bellagio, Dive Safety Officer at Dolphin Habitat in Mirage Resort, and Senior FX operator and diver at Le Reve in Wynn Resort. Additionally, Larry is a certified USCG 100-ton boat captain and has worked as a commercial diver under contracts with the Department of Defense and the US Navy.

3rd Reef Divers offers a diverse range of scuba diving courses, including "Your Crystal-Clear, Warm-Water, Tropical Destination Referral Course," Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Master Scuba Diver, Popular Specialties, Go Pro, and PADI Reactivate/Scuba Review. They also organize scuba trips around the world, provide rental gear, offer gear repairs, and have a selection of gear available for purchase.

So, whether you're an aspiring diver with dreams of exploring the depths or an experienced adventurer seeking a new challenge, 3rd Reef Divers is your ultimate ticket to the underwater world. Dive in with Larry and his team, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

As Larry aptly puts it, "We had Confidence in our Training and Experiences, Equipment, Dive-Buddies, and Abilities to assess the Environment. Whichever 'Reef' you dream to explore, we can help get you there!" This holiday season, let your underwater dreams come true with 3rd Reef Divers.

Whether you're an aspiring diver with dreams of exploring the depths or an experienced adventurer seeking a new challenge, this local favorite is your ultimate ticket to the underwater world.

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