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DIY Winter Wreath

Supplies needed:

pruning scissors

grapevine wreath form 

22 gauge wire

wire snips

hot glue gun

hot glue

3 types of fresh cut greens (you can also use artificial and have a wreath that will last you year after year!)

fresh eucalyptus 


bells or ornaments


Step 1: Trim greens removing any bald spots and extra length. Lengths of greens should vary between 5-10". 

Step 2: Create clusters with the greens and eucalyptus, using all 3 of the greens. Create the cluster and then wrap the cluster with the 22 gauge wire onto the grapevine wreath form (starting at the top of your wreath), making sure that the wire is tight. Wrap 5-7 times to ensure everything will stay in place. Do not cut the wire. Set to the side to use for the next cluster.

Step 3: Continue adding fresh green clusters going down your wreath and slightly alternating the angle the greens are pointing. Finish your final cluster and give yourself 3-4" of additional wire to twist close at the back of the wreath to finish and secure.

Step 4: Place ribbon at the end of the clusters to hide any ribbon. We tied a knot with the ribbon around the wreath and then wrapped several times around the wreath. 

Step 5: Tie on ornaments, bells, or pinecones to hang from the wreath. This is optional, you may just want to add a pretty bow or even keep it as is at this point! When tying on the extra baubles, remember to cut your ribbon at varying lengths, so the bells or ornaments can hang at different levels. Tie the 3 ribbons together and then tie as one onto your wreath.

Step 6: Add desired number of pinecones and put in place with hot glue. You can wire on the pinecones, but I like the control of placement is easier with the hot glue method.

Pro tip: keep taking a step back as you construct your wreath and keep in mind that sometimes less is more. Don't be afraid to make edits and trust your eye!