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DIY: 4 Indoor Planters

An option for every skill level

1.  The Moss Frame

For the novice, the “black-thumb” or the person wanting a low-maintenance option.  Moss frames, made up of dried and preserved plants, require NO water, NO soil and NO need for sun.  It is hard to go wrong with these! Simply glue the items into a shadowbox and place on a wall or shelf as a piece of artwork.  

2.  Succulents & Cacti

Also requiring little attention, succulents and cacti symbolize endurance and tenacity. Choose just one or create a container-full and place in a highly lit area.  Always allow these beauties to fully drain before adding more water.

3.  Potted “ZZ” & Pothos Plants

The draw of these uprights and trailer plants is that they mix well with other plants and are easily propagated. Perfect for all light levels.  Create a pot that has visual interest by intermingling plants and adding moss, bark or other dried foliage. 

4.  Tips for Every Thumb

Wondering when to water?  Test the top two inches of soil.  If it’s dry, it’s time.  And if you are adding accents to any of your planters, choose items that were once living, not plastic, as they are safer for the plants AND the environment.

5.  Terrariums

For the more experienced, green-thumb, these moisture-loving, panoramic mini greenhouses put your design skills to the test.  Terrariums are made up of layers of soil, charcoal and LECA balls.  Try different options to decide what works best for you.  Fill the glass bowl or jar with moss, ferns and sticks or bark from your yard. With these, and any of the planter options, be creative. 

"With...any of the planter options, BE CREATIVE!"