DIY Updo

Upcoming holiday parties might call for an updo; luckily, a local salon suite owner provides steps to trying one yourself.

Ladies, are you heading to a holiday party this year? McKenzie Oha, owner of Salon and Co. in West Bloomfield, encourages you to consider an updo.

“I think a simple updo is something that will add a little something special,” she said. “Since there were no holiday parties last year, I think it’s important to embrace getting dressed up, putting your favorite new outfit on and doing your hair! You should cherish the time you spend with your loved ones and take those photos!” 

If you’re interested in trying an updo yourself, Chelsey Langerman, who owns a salon suite inside of Salon and Co., has provided tips for a simple yet beautiful low bun on the next page; however, if you’re in the mood to get pampered, Langerman and the other stylists at Salon and Co. are extremely experienced in updos and makeup— accommodating a combined total of over 500 weddings (and counting) this year! For more information or to book your appointment, visit

DIY Intricate Low Bun


  • Texture spray or Hairspray

  • 1 ¾” Hair Pins

  • 2” Bobby Pins

Step 1

Section a loose, half-up pony and pull it through the center. Clip it up for later. Gather the bottom section into a half knot, leaving a tail. Pinch the knot and fluff with your fingers to give shape, and then place the bobby pins right where your fingers are. 

Step 2

Twist sections of the tail, and pinch and pull the twists to fill and blend with your bun. Judge your knot: if it’s lopsided, put the twist on that side to fill in for symmetry. Make sure your knot is secure, and you tuck in any unwanted pieces. Lay the twists, one at a time, over the bun to see what looks best; when ready, secure with hairpin. Then, drop the top portion down, and with the remaining hair, split again into two sections and twist! Pull a few fringe pieces out to soften the style around the face.

Step 3

Spray the twists with hairspray or texture spray before pulling apart and again after. Also, pinch small and pull slow. Langerman embellished her final look with jewels and pearls.

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