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Do what makes you happy

The team at Facial Aesthetics share what makes them one of the top ranking medical spas in the United States

Can you give our readers the history of the business?

Facial Aesthetics started in 1992. It was founded by Pam Grossman, who, at the time, really was just looking to share her knowledge and understanding of skin care with those who were looking for guidance and treatment. As a nurse, she was able to inject, with the oversight of Medical Director: Dr. John A. Grossman – world renowned plastic surgeon, as well as her husband. So, she became one of the first providers to inject collagen. Flash forward 29 years, from a staff of 2 to 32, offering a few treatments to now offering 25 med spa services for the skin and body, Facial Aesthetics has become Colorado’s premier medical spa.

What sets this woman run business apart from everyone else?

Its history. Its leadership. The experience.

No one else can provide a Facial Aesthetics experience because no one else can offer the talent or training we do, the long-standing reputation and experience we can offer, the access to some of the greatest mind in aesthetics that we have available to us, all within a workplace culture that boasts inclusivity, camaraderie, and fun…. but that also gets down to business when it comes to delivering results.

In terms of our leadership. We have a founder, Pam Grossman, who is recognized both nationally and internationally in the aesthetic space. She wrote a 13-book compendium that is used to teach skin care professionals today, and she has built this business model that has been serving Denver and surrounding areas the best in skin care for the last 29 years. Her ethos and integrity are what have made this business a success; but it doesn’t stop at her. Our CEO and President is her daughter, Alysa Paul, and she’s full of the same knowledge, drive, determination, customer service, and business savviness as her mother. You can say it’s a family affair because it is. And they try and make everyone on their staff, and everyone that walks through their doors, feel like family. In aesthetics, that’s hard to do when it comes to a predominantly female dominated industry. But these two find a way. They are selfless and team first minded, and they truly want everyone to feel comfortable, safe and heard.

Explain your why from a team perspective? 

We don't  want our patients to just “do”. We want them to understand.

Helping them achieve their aesthetic goals isn’t just something we say because it sounds good. We say it because it’s true. Our recruiting process is rigorous, and our staff is the best of the best. We have to be. That is what people have come to expect from us and we really strive to deliver when it comes to the knowledge, talent and experience of our staff.

We think it’s safe to say that we all do what we do because  we share this common belief: that it’s not always about being beautiful, then it is about being happy. We see how everyday first-hand how aesthetic procedures boosts confidence, improves mood, creates more smiles. We don’t do it to make people beautiful – everyone has their own unique definition of beauty.

Most popular treatment?

Injectable: Botox

Skin Care: HydraFacial

Body Treatment: CoolSculpting

Most under rated treatment everyone should try. 

Injectable and MINT PDO Smooth Threads: threads placed under the skin to boost collagen

For Skin care it's Dermaplane: extremely satisfying skin care treatment than removes the peach hairs on your skin to leave your face feeling baby soft.

For the body it's CoolTone: impoves muscle strength and tone in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs

Why do you all work for this company?

Integrity. We believe in the treatments, but mostly,  we believe in the knowledge and experience of each other to recommend the best treatment plans for our patients. We truly believe in the work we do. On a management side, there’s honesty, commitment, dedication and hard work and a yearning to get the right information in the hands of the people who are looking for it.

As a team what are you passionate about? 

We believe in mind, body, and soul wellness. We know that the services we offer positively impact a person's overall wellbeing, because we witness it everyday.

Anything else our readers would love to know?

When it comes to aesthetic concerns – don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation. Whether you’re ready to treat, or in the information gathering phase, or you have no idea where to start, rely on our experts to help. There is no-pressure on our end to schedule treatment, we just want to give you the right information, especially when there are so many places to seek information.

PULL QUOTE:  We believe that self - confidence comes from self-care; and that's not always about looking beautiful, but rather about being happy.