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Memory Game "Do You Look Like Your Dog?"

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Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Photographer Gerrard Gethings is Our Pick of the Litter

“Do you look like this dog?” was the enticing open-invitation kind of question renowned photographer and self-professed dog lover Gerrard Gethings posed on Instagram, along with a photo of Hope, a beautiful Afghan hound with a silky coat worthy of a brand-name shampoo commercial. As it turned out, a lot of people thought they did, but Gerrard's answer came in the form of a man named Henry, whose “magnificent hair and aristocratic good looks” perfectly fit the bill.      

Gerrard's lens captured 25 amusing human/dog doppelganger matches—“doggelgangers”—which incidentally are available for purchase online as a fun memory game aptly called Do You Look Like Your Dog?. 

To see more of his animal portraiture work, visit and Instagram @gezgethings.

  • Gerrard with son Jarvis and his border terrier, Baxter
  • Adam with Doug the Newfoundland
  • Monica with Regie the chow chow
  • Amelia and Artemis, a standard poodle
  • Henry and Hope, an Afghan hound
  • Sergei and Spike, a Siberian husky