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Does a Rising Tide Really Lift All Boats?

The Importance of Intentionally Supporting Minority-Owned Businesses in Frederick County.

Article by Jennifer Gerlock, Frederick County Chamber of Commerce

Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

Michelle Nusum-Smith

Owner/Principal Consultant: The Word Woman, LLC

“Most minority-owned businesses provide products and services people of all backgrounds want to purchase. An intentional effort to support these businesses—versus supporting businesses outside the county—not only has a positive impact on the individual businesses but also on Frederick County as a whole.”


Sandra Hofmeister

Owner: A & S Construction, LLC 

“Minority-owned businesses play a vital role in local economies because not only are we productive members in society, but are also able to procure jobs locally...As an immigrant myself, I appreciate the fact that this nation is a cultural melting pot and I truly believe this diversity adds that "special flavor" and prosperity to our beloved Frederick County!”

Serina Roy

Owner/Roaster: Dublin Roasters Coffee, Inc.

“Supporting local, minority owned, small businesses will always have a positive ripple effect for our community. The goodwill and positive energy of your purchase supports the business owner, their employees and families all benefiting from your sale. To be intentional with where you are spending is empowering for all of us.”

Toni Bowie

Managing Partner: MaxLife, LLC

“The phrase, “a rising tide lifts all boats,” infers that improvements in the general economy will

benefit all participants in that economy. However, history and capitalism have shown us this

assumption does not hold water...Sincere gratitude is extended to those who value products and services provided by businesses owned by minority persons in the community and do business with us.”


Jason Lee, CBSE

CEO: Lee Building Maintenance

"The key is understanding the disparity between minority businesses and their counterparts. According to the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), minority business gross receipts are 61 percent less than non-minorities. We need policies to ensure that the structures supporting wealth creation deliver equitable outcomes and the patronage of private sector business."