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Dripping Springs’ Dog Whisperer

Tips from Good Dog in the Making’s Diana Ozimek

Diana Ozimek discovered her love for training dogs while volunteering with animal care and control in Chicago. After working with court case dogs, she felt compelled to become a trainer. She sold her fitness company and fully immersed herself in dog training. 

Diana and her family moved to Dripping Springs in 2020, and she opened Good Dog in the Making, training dogs throughout Dripping Springs and the surrounding areas. She rents space at Dog Camp in Driftwood for her training and enrichment sessions and offers a full range of in-home dog training services.

What tips do you have for dog owners to help their pets stay cool in the summer heat?

In summer, it’s important to consider the specific temperatures and take precautions accordingly. It’s best to go outside early or late in the day when the sun isn’t scorching. Look for pet-friendly areas where dogs can swim or set up sprinklers for them to cool off. 

Engage them in indoor activities like puzzles, nose work and interactive play to keep them mentally stimulated. You can even play hide-and-seek with your dog by throwing a ball and then hiding. Frozen treats are another great idea. You can freeze ingredients such as bone broth, berries, cheese, ice cubes or treats in a Kong toy.

Consider providing cooling mats for them to lie on. Opt for raised beds that allow air circulation instead of fluffy beds that can retain heat. Place the raised beds in shaded areas to enhance airflow. Regularly brush your dog to remove excess fur since shedding is common in hot weather. Ensure there’s shade and plenty of fresh water available. If your dog enjoys being outside, a mister system can provide additional relief by creating a cool mist for them to rest under.

Can you tell us more about the training and enrichment that you offer at Dog Camp?

My assistant, Josh, and I both work with the dogs doing a variety of activities throughout the day. While I work on rotating them through training exercises, he implements enrichment activities such as food puzzles, water games, trail walks and agility. He also assists with setting goals for certain dogs, addressing their specific behaviors and needs. As part of our enrichment program, the dogs also play in ball pits and with bubbles for added fun and stimulation.

We are excited to expand our programs and offerings in the coming year. 

For more on Diana’s services, visit her website at or follow her on Instagram @good_dog_in_the_making.

For more on Dog Camp’s dog daycare, boarding and grooming services, visit or follow them on Instagram at @dogcampdriftwood.