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Physical therapy and musculoskeletal rehabilitation for pets is a growing trend

If you have a dog or cat you know the pain your pet - and you - can suffer when they’re injured. A broken leg or torn ligament can lead to months of excruciating recovery, not to mention mounting vet bills. 

But the science of canine rehabilitation is starting to sweep the U.S. as pet owners seek out ever more medical interventions for the ills of their furry companions. 

Here in Glastonbury there’s a new canine/pet rehab option, RehabK9 Care, owned by Dr.Sweata Giri, a Glastonbury resident. The business offers a wide array of  services such as physical therapy for your dog & cat as well as Full service grooming, DIY grooming, dog Barkery and essential oil massage.

Sweata’s passion was to be a veterinarian but when her personal journey took a different turn she earned her doctorate in physical therapy instead and later earned her certification in canine rehabilitation from the University of Tennessee to fulfill her dream of opening a practice to help dogs and cats.

She started her first canine rehab practice in West Haven and it proved so popular she decided to start a second one closer to home. The location here also made sense, she said, because “Glastonbury is home to me and people love their fur buddies”.

Canine rehabilitation can help your pet recover faster from surgeries and injuries and is endorsed by the American Kennel Club as a positive medical alternative to surgery and medications for your pets. 

“Arthritic dogs and those recovering from debilitating orthopedic surgery are typical patients for the therapy," according to the AKC. It’s also used to support dogs with other musculoskeletal problems or neurological conditions."

Sweata credits her dog, Chop, with inspiring her. He's also the logo of the company. She also says her family's support was an important part of her success, her husband, dad, sister and late mom who was also an animal lover. She hopes to get certified in equine therapy as well, and continues to make house calls, which she started during the pandemic. It makes her stand out from other big hospitals and commercial establishments, she says. 

“House calls aren’t just a convenience for pet owners, it also helps to keep the animals calm. It makes it more peaceful for them.”  

Rehab K9 Care 

160 New London Turnpike


Online: RehabK9care.com 

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