Donna Britt’s Favorite Things for the Kitchen

A Personal Home Cook is Born from Family Nostalgia and Fun

Article by Cheryl Parton

Photography by Tambi Lane and Cheryl Parton

Originally published in Bend Lifestyle

For media personality Donna Britt, food has always been the tie that binds. Growing up in the South meant cooking with her Granny, and when family gathered, it was to share a meal. These days, “Feeding the people I love is important,” she says. With a long career in broadcasting, in Memphis/Nashville/Seattle/New York and Central Oregon (first in 1988), Donna made Central Oregon her full-time home again four years ago and now hosts the local food show Taste This, which highlights food stories about local people, ingredients and how they intersect. Donna shares the notion of Southern hospitality with her approach to cooking and her work—a recent project The Cash and Carter Family Cookbook brought her to the home of Johnny Cash whereas a recipe tester and food stylist, she helped gather family recipes from June and John Carter Cash in a collection of family history, cooking and storytelling.

“Food soothes and comforts body and soul,” Donna says.

As a cancer survivor, she also understands what we eat is important for our health. Donna’s cooking advice is to read and learn along the way. 

“Taste food as you cook,” she advises. “Trust your taste buds and don’t be afraid to get creative. Let your imagination be your guide and have some fun.”

Here, Donna shares some of her kitchen must-haves, including 1. Jadite Pepper and Sugar Shakers that belonged to her grandmother. “The pepper shaker reminds me that you can’t be afraid to season your food, and the sugar shaker reminds me that ‘life is so sweet,’” she says. 2. Good Olive Oil.  3. Favorite Cookbooks. 4. A Large Mixing Bowl. 5. A Big Skillet—"It could be non-stick with high sides or it could be a seasoned cast-iron skillet (my preference thanks to my Southern upbringing).” 

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