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At 64, Donny Osmond gives a powerful performance following the release of his "Start Again" album

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Legendary Entertainer and Music Icon, Donny Osmond, Live from Harrah's Las Vegas

A dramatic fusion of vintage and new releases in an unprecedented solo residency

Fun, sun and music are in order as Las Vegas celebrates the return of one of its favorite native sons, Donny Osmond. He has performed here at various times since his youth, either with his brothers, as a guest with other singers, with sister Marie or with his solo act. I recently attended his new show at Harrah’s as their guest, and it did not disappoint!

The show comes after the release of his 65th album, “Start Again,” and he performs at least three of his new songs. The enthusiastic crowd enjoys his new music, but most are waiting to hear the older songs that made them fans in the first place—songs like “Go Away Little Girl,” “One Bad Apple” and “Puppy Love”—that he performed as a teen idol in the 70s. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of “Puppy Love,” and in a special segment of the show, Donny sings about and discusses how that song helped create a phenomenon called “Osmondmania,” here in the United States and abroad, especially in England.

Donny loves to entertain, and that’s why at age 64, he is back on stage to continue his connection with his fans. The show features bits and pieces from every decade since the 60s, when he first appeared on the Andy Williams show at age five. Presented in what he calls a “rap-ography” of his career, he raps the 10-minute story choreographed with video displays. Included with the good are mentions of the dark times and how he pulled himself up and started again in a new direction. He’s out of breath at the finish!

The show also includes an “improv” session where he asks for audience requests, then sings portions of those songs with the band trying to keep up. This session makes every show unique.

Donny changes outfits a few times to match the song and dance sets. The most beloved by his fans now is when he walks on stage wearing his purple blazer. Most fans know that purple is his favorite color, so they show up wearing a lot of purple as well! His youngest fans remember him as The Peacock in the first Masked Singer season (2019); others from when he appeared and won the Dancing with the Stars competition (2009). Many recall his six-year run as Joseph in the stage play “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” with more than 2,000 performances (1992-1998).

With classic Las Vegas vibe, Donny has eight dancers, four male and four female, performing alongside and bringing the “heat.” Smoke and lights enhance the experience. His band includes a great saxophone player who is highlighted several times. The video displays of album covers and photographs through the years are all part of the journey during the 90-minute show.

Although you can catch up with all things Donny at, or chat with him on Instagram or Twitter, nothing beats seeing him perform live. The show is initially set to run through November, and may be continued, depending on demand and Donny’s stamina. So, if you’re a fan, get your tickets now! The show runs Tuesday through Saturday at 8 p.m. Lodging and entertainment are conveniently packaged together at the Harrah’s resort for an enjoyable time. Visit for details. See you in Vegas!

  • Donny Osmond connects with crowds at Harrah's Las Vegas Resort Showroom
  • Donny at his "second home" on the Las Vegas stage
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  • Donny has overcome career challenges that include a social anxiety disorder associated with perfectionism in the 1990s and a risky throat surgery in 2015
  • A scene from the 1972 Osmonds original ABC Saturday morning cartoon series
  • Donny delivers a "rap-ology" showcasing his career through the decades
  • At 64, Donny Osmond gives a powerful performance following the release of his "Start Again" album