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Don't Leave Money on the Table When Selling Your Home

Working With a Licensed Realtor Vs. a Cash/IBuyer

When you're looking to sell real estate in Chandler, Gilbert, or any of the surrounding communities, you've got more options today than ever before and it can be very confusing. In addition to the traditional channel of working with a licensed Realtor or real estate agent, there are now many third-party buying companies (IBuyer/Cash Buyer) that promise to pay cash for your home with a quick and no-hassle closing.

Sound tempting? Before you decide who to work with, take some time to familiarize yourself with how these IBuyer/Cash Buyer companies operate, because once you know the differences between an internet company and a licensed Realtor, you may have second thoughts—and taking the time to educate yourself can actually save you thousands of dollars!

What is a IBuyer/Cash?

Over the last several years, there has been an increase in the number of companies that will make a sight-unseen offer on a home based on automated valuation models (AVMs). These companies have software that will automatically pull a number of relevant data points on any given home and then make a cash offer based on those calculations. These services have become especially popular since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as sellers look for contactless ways to sell their homes.

Another draw of using an online IBuyer/Cash to sell a home is that the purchases are often made sight unseen—and they are often cash offers, as well. This can result in a fast closing date which allows a seller to avoid the hassle that goes into getting (and keeping) a home "show-ready."

But this is where the benefits of using an IBuyer/Cash investor to sell your home end. In almost all cases, a seller will be much better off working with a licensed Realtor.

Reasons to Use a Realtor When Selling Your Home

A licensed Realtor is a real estate professional who has gone through specialized training to represent buyers and/or sellers throughout the home-buying and home-selling process. They must abide by a Code of Ethics and Standards, which are meant to keep the client's best interests in mind at all times. They are there to appropriately answer all your questions and address your concerns.

A Realtor's job is to accurately determine how much your home is worth and then work to get you every last dollar when you sell it. Your Realtor gets paid a commission based on how much your home ends up selling for, which motivates them to get you top dollar. The important thing to understand with this commission, however, is that you are paying for a service (marketing, advertising, negotiating, etc.) that can help you maximize the final sale price on your home and give you more money in your pocket.

The same cannot be said when you work with an IBuyer/Cash buyer, who will only care about the bottom line for their own profitability and will not be a reliable source of sound real estate advice. Oftentimes, they will make a low offer hoping it will be accepted without negotiating.

One of the most misleading things about selling your home to a real estate investor online is how they structure their fees and commissions. Many of these companies will advertise themselves as saving you money by avoiding Realtor commissions and other expenses while selling your home. In reality, many of these companies still charge some sort of commission or fee on the sale of your home at closing. No services are being provided for these costs, and you could end up leaving a lot of money on the table.

While it may initially be tempting to get an instant cash offer during these socially distanced times, the reality is that selling with a Realtor can net you more money for your home and give you peace of mind throughout the process.


Cathy Carter is proud to be a trusted Realtor, offering her personalized guidance and expertise to sellers and buyers in the area for over 25 years. You can reach Cathy and her Re/Max team at, 480.459.8488 or

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