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Don’t Live Life under a Hat

If you’re experiencing hair loss, Raydiance Tru-Fit in West Bloomfield will make you feel like you again.

Whether you’ve lost your hair or face the possibility of hair loss, Raydiance Tru-Fit has not only researched and perfected the most innovative hair loss solutions for any situation, but after 50 years in this niche business, the Raydiance team understands what you’re going through, always offering clients a tender and caring atmosphere. 

Located at 5799 West Maple Rd. (Suite 167) in West Bloomfield, Raydiance is a third generation, family-owned and operated hair replacement company that uses only the highest quality materials. The team specializes in designing an “Exact Duplication” hairpiece that, as consultation specialist at Raydiance Heather Darwish said, “will make you feel like you again.”

“All of our hairpieces are hand crocheted or ventilated to match your exact hair color, density, texture, length and style and are also professionally tailored to fit your head shape,” Darwish said. “Besides two shops in New York and California, we’re the only other one in the country still doing this.”

To begin the process, clients first call (248)-855-8845 to schedule a consultation where the Raydiance team gets to know them, gathers information to help duplicate everything unique about them, comprehends their style and takes 360-degree photos.

“During the consultation, we also have a conversation about what their lifestyle is like,” Darwish explained. “Are they snowbirds and go to Florida six months out of the year? How active are they? Do they travel? The answers to these questions give us an idea of how often they’re going to wear the hairpiece, and what materials we need to use on them.” 

Clients’ responses and photos also guide the team to determine what type of hair should be used to make the hairpiece. Darwish said that at least 75 percent of their clients end up best suiting 100% human hair; however, she said HD (Heat-Defiant fiber) is a top-of-the-line synthetic hair that they use in combination with human hair, as they all can blend so naturally.

Next, clients will have a scheduled, in-person “cut-in” where they will try on the hairpiece made exactly like them and fine-tune the little details, including fitting adjustments until it’s the perfect fit– just like getting a dress tailored! Clients should expect to be at this appointment for two to three hours.

“We then encourage our clients to wear it every day after that, so if there’s anything we can do to tweak it, we’ll be able to adjust it two to three weeks later at their next appointment,” Darwish said. “Clients get up to six weeks of free tweaking, so that three-week visit is right at the halfway point. We want it to fit them like a glove, and we work to perfectly match it to who they are, so it won’t end up sitting in a drawer.”

The Raydiance team stands behind their work. Shop hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to  2 p.m. Visit for more information.