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Downtown Chandler’s Newest Playground

Enjoy Recess Anytime at Recreo

With a menu described as “foodventurous” and a swing set right by the bar, locals won’t feel out of place taking a break from the pressures of adulthood at the new Recreo restaurant.

Located in Downtown Chandler, Recreo means “recess,” and as one of the latest culinary additions to the growing, vibrant local downtown area, Recreo was designed with all things fun and whimsical in mind. There’s a bus art installation, twinkle lights, and a live music stage created out of a shipping container that is suspended in the back patio of the restaurant. 

“Downtown Chandler is booming and becoming increasingly vivacious as restaurants and bars like Recreo come into the scene,” says Niels Kreipke, owner of Desert Viking Companies and the long-term landlord to the property. “The downtown area has grown into a live music and entertainment area that Recreo is complementing with its music program. Recreo is set in a building that was constructed more than 100 years ago and is one floor below the office of the city’s famous founder, Dr. A.J. Chandler.”

In addition to the playful, Instagram-worthy space, Recreo’s playful creativity extends to the menu, as well. Kreipke describes its culinary offerings as “foodventurous,” with a menu that offers a diverse range of international cuisine that is created with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. Signature items include charcuterie boards (The Patio Board and The Garden Board), fresh ceviche, sugar crusted ahi, and The Amazing Mushroom. Desserts include crepes foster and “That’ll Do, Fig.” For the 21-and-over crowd, the extensive cocktail menu plays on the recess themed trend, including The Mean Dog On The Other Side Of The Fence (a greyhound) and The After-School Special (a white wine spritzer).

“Recreo has quickly gained recognition as a fun vibrant place to chill with friends with a great drink in hand while sharing some laughs,” Kreipke says.

With the summer in full swing, Recreo is ready to help patrons enjoy their summer break to the max.

“Recreo is a great space to enjoy the sunshine, whether it be sitting on the shaded and misted outdoor patio or at the indoor and outdoor bars,” adds Kreipke. “Also, Recreo features fun outdoor games and an outdoor bar with swing seats—making it an awesome place to relax and unwind with the entire family.”

For those looking to book a local space for an event, Recreo doubles as a private event space that locals can rent out on Mondays or Tuesdays. And coming soon for the late-night crowd: Recreo After Dark, with extended summertime hours.

“From the moment we discovered the site, we were instantly dedicated to recreating the space to honor our great state, its ‘melting pot’ culture, and to also creating new experiences as a community,” adds Chris Field, founder of Allium Hospitality, the development company behind Recreo. “Recreo celebrates the history of Chandler while simultaneously looking forward to its vibrant, bustling future.”

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