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Hot Spots to Cool Down

The Paleta Bar and Fairway Creamery put fresh spins on delectable snacks

The first of it's kind in the Midwest, the Paleta Bar is creating delicious Mexican gourmet treats with flare in Downtown Overland Park. Opened in June 2023, the word has been spreading and business is on the rise for this Kansas hot spot. Paletas (Spanish for ice pops) are made with fresh fruit or other rich ingredients, but that is only the base to the Paleta Bar's spin on this Southwest favorite.


Above any other city in the Midwest, the owners were drawn to the peaceful, community feel of downtown Overland Park. Building a loyal customer base through excellent service and fresh ingredients is their top priority. 

Unique Flavors 

Beyond the fruit flavors of a traditional paleta, the Paleta Bar also crafts cream based bars using sweet cream and milk. Some of the crowd favorites include mango, strawberry, Oreo and mixed berry and cream. New flavors are added each week and posted on the Paleta Bar's Instagram. No need for anyone to miss out on a sweet treat! By avoiding the topping temptations and cream based flavors, a plain fresh fruit paleta is a natural healthy option. 

How It Works

Step 1: Choose a plain handmade paleta. Fresh fruit and cream base options are available daily. Make your way to the colorful case to start the process. Step 2: Decide on a dip. A coating of either white chocolate and dark chocolate can be applied to the whole or half of the paleta. Step 3: Endless toppings! The topping bar is stocked with sauces, drizzles, nuts and candies to take your paleta from basic to baller. Step 4: Add fresh fruit. Pieces of melon, berries, mangoes and more contribute to brighter flavors. Step 5: Drop some drizzle. Last but not least, top it all off with a chocolate drizzle! 

Fairway's Fall Flavors

The ever-popular Fairway Creamery is fully embracing fall mode with its flavors and activities this September. Butternut squash, (which surprisingly enough makes a killer ice cream) is a flavor hitting the menu soon. Some non-ice cream fall favorites you can expect are - cinnamon sugared donuts, apple pie flavors, fun cider floats, and local collaborations. 

Lunch Menu 

The creamery is a great stop for food as well. The lunch menu is coming back this season with seasonal fruits and vegetables pulling in those autumn flavors. 

Disco Burger Night

Mark your calendars for dinner at the creamery on September 8. The folks at Fairway are hosting a disco burger night. Experience a new smash burger concept popping up around town. Their burgers are very specific in style (only using Velveeta cheese for example). Nothing screams America more than ice cream and burgers! Join the community for a fun night and new addition to the neighborhood.