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Sunny Lee, CISD paraprofessional, receiving a grant from Dragons Care parent liaison Abby Ward.

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Dragons Care has heart

Dragons Care supports those who empower excellence at Carroll ISD

In the heart of Southlake, a spirit of compassion thrives. It's the essence of Dragons Care, a remarkable non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to the community in unwavering support of the educators, staff and school resource officers of Carroll Independent School District (CISD).

In the turbulent year of 2020, Dragons Care emerged as a small grassroots parent group, spearheaded by Virginia Hinkle. Their mission was clear: deliver meals, cleaning supplies and household essentials to those impacted by the pandemic. As the needs grew, so did the organization. In no time, it expanded to nearly 100 members, all working together to raise funds for medical bills, emergency relief and other necessities within the school community.

Dragons Care now stands as an official 501(c)3 nonprofit entity, enabling recipients to access more substantial funds and providing donors with tax-deductible benefits.

Virginia Hinkle, organization founder and president says, "Our mission is to bring the community together in support of the educators and staff who are there for our children every day. They're an extension of our village in raising, educating and inspiring our children, and we want to give back to them as much as possible."

Lauren Barrett, vice president of marketing, emphasizes the organization's commitment to increasing community visibility through participation in various events throughout the year.

"The more people we reach, the more help and support we can provide to CISD staff. Dragons Care was created to provide a support network outside the classroom, to wrap our arms around these special people when things get difficult in their personal lives,” Lauren says.

Dragons Care swiftly responds to community needs when they hear of a staff member suffering from a major illness, injury or family tragedy. Whether they are parents, community members or business owners, anyone interested in contributing can follow a direct website link to a specific staff member's fundraiser. Proceeds then go directly to the person in need. Dragons Care volunteers also hand-deliver a check and stunning floral arrangement - courtesy of students in CISD's Dragon Blooms floral design class - offering a heartfelt gesture of support.

A recent Dragons Care beneficiary had this to say, "My family and I have been deeply touched by the overwhelming kindness and generosity from our community, all thanks to the dedicated efforts of Dragons Care. It's truly heartwarming to discover the positive and supportive initiatives undertaken by the organization for Carroll ISD staff.”

The Dragons Care motto, “Get loud with love,” powerfully embodies their mission to provide love, encouragement and support to staff members facing challenges. In a world often filled with hurdles and trials, Dragons Care plays a pivotal role in spreading positivity and kindness.

“My family wholeheartedly expresses our gratitude for the extraordinary acts of generosity and support we've received during my cancer journey,” expressed Allison Fike, CISD federal grants coordinator and former assistant principal.

Stories like Allison's help underscore the significance of the tireless efforts invested in the organization.

Dragons Care operates entirely through the dedicated efforts of parent volunteers, striving to keep operational costs to an absolute minimum. The organization depends on the incredible generosity of parents, community members and businesses that donate, advocate and volunteer.

Virginia emphasizes the collective nature of the community's involvement, stating, "We truly would not be able to function without the entire community coming together to support the staff. But that is what we do here in this community. I've never lived in such a generous town where people come together when we need each other most. People love our staff and teachers, and it's an honor to be able to help them when they need it most."

To join this incredible movement and witness the transformative power of community support, follow Dragons Care on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and stay connected by subscribing to their monthly newsletter at  

Dragons Care: a beacon of hope, unity and compassion.

  • Dragons Care spirit!
  • Pink-out tailgate event.
  • Sunny Lee, CISD paraprofessional, receiving a grant from Dragons Care parent liaison Abby Ward.
  • Allison Fike, administration and past assistant principal, receiving a grant from parent liaison Christina Sherrod.
  • Supply drop-offs during COVID-19 in 2020-2021.