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Operation September Freedom

Beginning in August, Dream Flights is launching Operation September Freedom. The nonprofit will be traveling the nation in their fleet of six World War II  open-cockpit biplanes to honor our Greatest Generation veterans with a dream flight.

This is the largest barnstorming event in U.S. history, and the first and only Dream Flight Tour dedicated to honoring the men and women who fought in the war that changed the world. There are currently an estimated 1,000 dream flights scheduled to be completed during the 45 - 50 day tour.

Since the launch of Dream Flights in 2011, they have given free flights of a lifetime to more than 4,200 veterans and seniors living in long-term care communities. Fewer and fewer of their Dream Flyers are WWII veterans. Of the 16 million Americans who served in the Second World War, only an estimated 100,000 will be alive in 2021. The youngest will be 95. 

So in 2021, they are dedicating the entire Dream Flight Tour to these national treasures. Their mission is to honor as many as possible, thanking them for fighting for freedom.

Operation September Freedom will be in Bozeman on Sunday, August 15th to take an estimated 16 WWII Veterans on dream flights over the beautiful Gallatin Valley.

Greg Baker of Billion Auto Group has organized this amazing event, which includes support from the National Guard, who will be bringing in military equipment for viewing.  Look for the US Marine Corps who will be on hand in full dress as volunteers. Summit Aviation and Jet Aviation will be providing the staging areas for the flights. Bozeman Life Magazine is proud to have assisted with planning.

Join us in celebrating our veterans for the parade on Wings Way at 10:00 AM. You can expect a helicopter flyover with an American Flag by Rocky Mountain Rotors. The Bozeman Municipal Band will be performing the National Anthem at 10:30 AM to be followed by music by Derek Randall.

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