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Dream (House) Come True

Mary Beutler Works Her Magic to Create the Perfect Interior Design for the Pilch Family's Forever Home

Article by Mary Beutler

Photography by Empire Photography

Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

This is what happens when you pair a custom home builder and an interior designer…magic! 

This kind of magic doesn’t happen like we see in movies or on HGTV—with the flick of a wand or a beginning and ending in under an hour. This magic has depth and history that carry it from conception to completion. It’s a story that goes back several decades when land was first purchased with the hopes to build a "Dream Home." Years of waiting, permitting and a couple of architectural plans later, Mike and Burgess Pilch broke ground and started building their forever home. Mike is a Managing Partner at North Market Construction, a local custom home build company with a mission to build better and smarter. 

When the Pilch’s brought me onto their project to help with the design, it was long before the drywall. They had already picked a few finishes, like the random width red and white oak flooring from Vintage Lumber and the kitchen cabinets. “What is coming with you from your old home that we need to incorporate into the design?,” I asked. “Nothing, just a black piano gifted by my [late] father,” said Burgess. 

A blank canvas is exciting and sometimes daunting for a home-owner. It takes one piece to set things into motion and the piano was it! I knew I had to carry the sentimental value of that piece into every room. 

While interior design involves thoughtful selections implemented to perfection, it first requires a trusting relationship and understanding of what the client wants—that is when the magic happens. That is when you create something better than what they could have imagined!

  • You get the best of both "looks" with this fireplace—a painted brick base that continues up with shiplap.
  • Light grout keeps this gorgeous marble backsplash looking crisp with equal parts texture and sparkle.
  • The built-in was designed to look like a piece of furniture perfectly nestled in the opening along the wall.
  • We brought the wood detail from the family room (beams) into the piano room with the wood built-ins.
  • This family photo wall gives life to dozens of memories while sticking to a clean design aesthetic.

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