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Bouquets For Days

Floral Decor From Days Past By Cherished Vintage

Article by Karoline Simmons

Photography by Karoline Simmons

Originally published in Kirkland Lifestyle

Who doesn't love flowers? Whether they grace your kitchen table or are the "center" of attention at a large event, flowers are an expressive element in design. Although glass vases are commonplace, it is fun to get creative with non-ordinary vessels to give your bouquets personality. Use these examples by Cherished Vintage as inspiration when putting together the next floral arrangement in your home.

#1: A large vintage advertising tin filled with viburnum snowballs creates a simple yet jaw-dropping arrangement for any room in your home.

#2: To add extra charm to your mantel, pair hydrangeas with a modest assortment of vintage bottles resembling the colors of sea glass.

#3: Place an array of single bottles or small vases filled with roses, hydrangeas, and pink bellflowers in an old soda crate, for a display that's stunning both inside and outside your home. 

#4: Easily found secondhand, a cluster of milk glass bud vases in varying heights results in a chic and romantic look especially when placed on a mirrored tray.

#5: The heavenly scent of vibrant lilacs is a show-stopper when grouped together in vintage pop bottles.

#6: Gerber daisies compliment a kitschy child's thermos used as a clever and fun addition to a party.

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