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Drew Six is a local country rocker known for his textured raspy baritone and bluesy delivery. His high-energy stage presence and hopeful anthems of optimism earned him opening spots for notable acts including Luke Bryan, Dan + Shay, Maroon 5, Thomas Rhett, Backstreet Boys, Darius Rucker, and Gary Allan. His most popular songs include “Boyfriend”, “Not My Problem”, and “Dreams Do.” While he shares his time between Nashville and Kansas City, he’s maintained a close connection with his hometown.  

“I was one of those fortunate people who always knew what I wanted to do from a very early age,” says Drew Six. “I wanted to 'make it' in the music business. Over time, you realize that everyone’s definition of 'making it' is a bit different, and some of what you thought looked amazing as a fan is a very different reality as you get more involved with the industry. Before Nashville, I shopped my music in L.A., New York, and London. Like many young artists, I just thought I wanted to be famous. I learned early on how important the song was in every meeting and found myself being just as fascinated with the songwriters and the craft as much as the artists that I admired. Songwriting and the creative process have always been very central to what I do as an artist. There is an amazing connection with an audience when performing live on stage, but it rises to a whole new level when you’re singing the songs and lyrics that you’ve written.”

His special process for writing a song starts with being an observer.

“As a songwriter, you always have to have your antennas up. I need to experience the vibe from being close to the subject or the raw emotion. It usually starts with a central idea or hook, then a melody. I grew up on Top 40, and catchy commercial sing-along phrases are just ingrained in me and come fairly easily. I’ll sing a lot of nonsense words around the arrangement to get it going, then dig into the lyrics and make everything fit. I will spend weeks and sometimes years getting a song that I believe in right. It needs to have conviction—it needs to feel authentic and speak your truth. 

“I’ve made a living playing live shows for many years, and that shows up in the writing room. I know what people respond to in a live performance situation. There is a certain energy that comes through in my songwriting because I can imagine playing it in an intimate venue as well as an arena, having performed in both situations. This has also allowed me to play a lot more original music in venues that would typically hire performers to play only cover material. I don’t have to work towards writing radio-friendly anthems because that is inherently an authentic part of me that shows through.”

Drew Six says he’s always working on new music because it’s important for him to create, move forward, and provide value to his supporters.

“Artists tend to get self-absorbed in the art, but the secret is that it’s not about you—it's about serving the audience. Lately, I’ve really doubled down on the positive message songs. Music is one of the few things that truly brings people together despite their differences. The media and the dreaded comments section would have you believe that we are completely divided. I am fortunate to see people coming together and finding common ground on a regular basis. I have a newer song that we play live called, 'American Dreamers.'  At its heart, it is about unifying and pushing through. You can’t fly and hold others down at the same time.

“I’ve had the privilege of writing songs inspired by Variety Children’s Charity and Dream Factory, among others. These are songs of hope and optimism with an underlying struggle and fight to get there. The very nature requires us to come together for a more significant cause.  The well-being of our younger generation is far more critical than some of the silly things we complain about and take for granted.

“I really learned my songwriting chops in Nashville. Bart Herbison and Nashville Songwriters Association International really encouraged me and pointed me in the right direction. Attending songwriter rounds in Nashville taught me the craft and how high the bar is set. This has helped shape my independent artist career and my understanding of the importance of the song.”

Once a song is complete, Drew Six demos it in his home studio in Kansas City with drum loops and multiple tracks, then records his songs in Nashville.

“I hear a lot of the production going in and I want to convey that message to the musicians I work with for the master. I generally release singles because that’s what makes sense in the modern music business as an independent artist. From there, it’s a big process of promoting, marketing, and playing live. I have been more selective and purposeful about the shows I play, but I also have more advanced bookings than ever.”

For more information on future events, visit DrewSix.com.

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