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Drink to Your Health

The Boise Co-op’s Juice and Smoothie Bar Offers a Gorgeous Variety of Beverages that Are Super Healthy and Taste Amazing

The juice and smoothie bar at the Boise Co-op uses only the best organic produce (local when in season). Drinks are made to order so you’ll enjoy the ultimate flavor and nutritional value. 

When you peruse the menu, you’ll find something for everyone, even the most vegetable-averse picky eaters! Options include smoothies that are thick and often dessert-like. And the juices? Well, we think of them as yummy tonics. Here’s one of our favorites.

Name: The Foothills Sunset

Location: The North End & The Village

Price: 12 ounces, $6.49; 16 ounces, $7.99

One of our most popular fresh juices is also one of the very best for anyone with an active lifestyle. Sweet and earthy with a gorgeous fiery hue, it’s packed with vitamins and minerals from four superfood vegetables:

–Fresh beets are high in iron and folate, along with a nutrient the body can convert to nitric oxide, which supports healthy circulation. Additionally, it provides the amino acid betaine, which can improve liver function. 

–Celery adds a crisp flavor and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Weekend (or week-long) warriors will appreciate its magnesium content that can help relax sore muscles. 

–Carrots are known for their high beta-carotene content, which the body can convert to vitamin A that supports night vision and may help ward off macular degeneration. It may also help protect the skin against dryness and sun damage (though you’ll still want to use a good sunscreen).

–Finally, the Foothills Sunset gets a punch of spice from fresh, organic ginger, which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps warm the body (skiers and snowboarders, take note!). It’s also great to help settle an upset stomach and tastes amazing.

Boise Co-Op Locations

The North End, 888 W. Fort St., Boise

The Village, 2350 N. Eagle Road, Meridian