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Ford is Harnessing Electrification to Deliver More of What Customers Love

Updating America’s best-selling truck is not without its challenges. After all, why mess with tradition? Until recently, only two electric vehicles in the light-duty truck were available to consumers – the Rivian R1T and the Hummer EV. While supply chain issues impacted production for both models, it did not deter other major automakers from planning and designing electric versions of their most popular models. Toyota, Chevrolet, and Dodge all have plans to release the Tacoma EV, Silverado EV, and the RMA 1500 EV, respectively, over the next two years. Ford is the first to announce the production of the next generation of trucks with the F-150 Lightning.

The Features

Ford F-150 Lightning

The new F-150 easily compares with and surpasses conventional models. The twin motors provide even and steady acceleration front and back. Payload and towing capacity do require an extended-range battery. Check out the Ford F-150 Lightning at San Tan Ford (

1.     Enhanced Power Onboard

Need power for your tools? Your campsite? The Lightning offers an available 9.6 kilowatts.

2.     Stow-Away Shifter

Stow the shifter away in the console to create a bigger workspace.

3.     Tailgate Work Surface

The non-slip tailgate surface will help you slice those two-by-fours or prep your hamburgers with ease.

4.     Zone Lightning

Whether it’s finishing up a late job or sitting by the campfire, keep the lights on until the work is done.

5.     Most Torque of Any F-150

The 563-horsepower F-150 Lightning offers 775 lb-ft of nearly instant torque.

6.     Selectable Drive Modes

F-150 Lightning offers five drive modes—Normal, Sport, Tow Hay, Trail and Off-Road


Range 320 miles

EPA-estimated range of 300 miles with extended-range battery

Targeted maximum payload

2,000 lbs. payload with standard-range battery

Targeted towing capacity

10,000 lbs. maximum towing capacity with extended-range battery