What is Your Dream Car and What Are You Waiting For?

2015 Dodge Challenger

Article by Richard Meyer

Photography by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

2015 Dodge Challenger

Even before I was old enough to drive, I’ve always loved pony cars: Pontiac Firebirds, Ford Mustangs and Plymouth Barracudas, to name a few.

In 2009, Dodge released its third-generation Challenger based on the 1970 design, and I found my new dream car. In 2015, the Challenger experienced a new facelift which incorporated a circa 1971-style grill/split tail lights, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I purchased my new 2015 Dodge Challenger in “B5” blue, and I’ve never looked back.

Some hidden gems the Challenger offers are the open hood intakes and true dual exhaust system. The Super Track Pak lowers the suspension by 0.5 inches and adds Bilstein shock absorbers, high-performance brakes and specially tuned suspension.

Every day I have the deep enjoyment of driving my dream car, and that has made all the difference in my life. But mostly, it’s just fun to drive! 


3.6-liter V-6
Power: 305 horsepower at 6,350 rpm

TRANSMISSION: 8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode

0–60 mph in 6.2 seconds

FUEL ECONOMY: 19/30 mpg

SOUND SYSTEM: Harmon Kardon, 900 watts with 19 speakers

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