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d’Vine Gourmet Celebrates its 20-Year Anniversary

From House-made Caramels and Books to Soaps, T-shirts, and More, d’Vine Gourmet Offers a Variety of Unique Items

In 2003, Denise and Andrew McCreery opened d’Vine Gourmet in Tucson.

Six years later, she moved her family and business to Chandler, where they have remained ever since.

d’Vine Gourmet, located at 72 S. San Marcos Place, began as a hobby for McCreery.

“My husband was in the wine business and brought home lots of sample bottles. One day while making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for our kids, it hit me to make a wine jelly for adults, so I did.”

McCreery first sold her wine jellies at farmer’s markets and street fairs before building her own kitchen and selling in her “factory outlet.”

Over the years, McCreery added a wide variety of other products.

“We are most famous for our house-made caramels, candies, and treats, but our commitment to local items is right up there, as well,” she says, adding that they work with 100-plus local vendors of books, soaps, candles, jewelry, T-shirts, wine, gourmet items, and more.

McCreery is delighted with her decision to open d’Vine Gourmet.

“We are absolutely pleased to have turned this fun little enterprise into a full-fledged business that not only supports my family, but also hundreds of families here in Chandler through our employees, our vendors, and constant support of the local nonprofits that take care of those in need here, like ICAN,” she says. “We are particularly proud because as a retail business, we’ve had a lot to overcome. From recessions to the pandemic, it’s been an uphill battle for our industry.”

Looking ahead, McCreery says she plans on continuing to do what she’s done for 20 years—provide outstanding local food and gifts and great customer service in-person and online.

“It’s been our goal for two beautiful decades, it’s not going to change now,” she says.

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