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Green Your Indoors

Harness the Healing Power of Nature With Indoor Plants

Not all of indoor plants’ assets are visual.

The NASA Clean Air study found that certain indoor plants removed benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and ammonia—chemicals linked to headaches, eye irritation and other health effects—from the air.

A Psychology Today report also found that caring for plants can lower blood pressure and anxiety while taking our minds off negativity—all of which we can especially use nowadays.

If this sounds good to you, an indoor plant or two could be in your future. Summer Winds Nursery recommends a few varieties to get you started.                          

Garden Mum

In addition to providing a pop of color, it removes ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene from indoor air. Easy to find and inexpensive, it can be planted outdoors after blooming is over.

Aloe Vera

A perennial desert favorite, its juice is coveted not only for its ability to heal cuts and burns, but for its air purifying qualities—not to mention, it’s pretty low maintenance.

Snake Plant

This air-cleansing plant is hardy and prefers drier climates, making it perfect for Arizona.

Peace Lily

A popular choice for the home or office, this elegant plant is known for cleansing the air, being easy to grow, and flowering throughout the summer. Keep in mind, the flowers produce some pollen and delicate scents, so it’s best to keep them to a minimum if you are sensitive to either.

Bamboo Palm

Their potential to grow to great size—anywhere from 4 to 12 feet tall—makes them extra efficient at filtering formaldehyde, while still being an eye-catcher. The Bamboo Palm is also believed to promote calm and reduce stress.