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Article by Julie Brown Patton

Photography by Olivia Butcher and Reed Brown

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

Food and drinks can be extra enjoyable when consumed in the ambiance of aspiring kitchens, dining nooks, entertaining spaces, outdoor patios or home coffee bars. As the role of food and drink areas continues to evolve, one Nashville team of interior design experts affirms that bespoke designs, color preferences and the range of sought-after materials or finishes keep adding innovative personalizing options for these family activity hubs.

The broad range of design and interior services of JFY Designs' professionals can be accessed at Le Studio, 2826 Dogwood Place, in Berry Hill, along with furniture, home accessories, original art and curated gifts. 

Marie-Joe Bouffard, Le Studio founder and principal designer, reveals that her driving force is to create timeless designs uniquely tailored to each client's story and style. "Each project, no matter its scope, is truly a one-of-kind experience," she assures. "We love to think outside of the box and rise to any challenge, but we take the time to listen to our clients and understand them so we can express their true points of view through our custom-designed spaces and homes."

Stemming from her French Canadian ancestry, Marie-Joe confirms she loves to entertain, including the accompanying cooking and creating sensational experiences. "As they say, 'We eat with our eyes.' I enjoy producing interesting tablescapes, even for small gatherings. My ideas often are inspired by my own dining experiences in varied restaurants all over the world."

One of Le Studio's current items that works well in kitchen areas is Montes Doggett pottery. Handcrafted for looks and durability, Marie-Joe says the Montes Doggett mugs are perfect for coffee or tea lovers. 

"Artful and functional, our teak bowls from Montes Doggett also are one-of-a-kind kitchen staples. They can serve as a striking centerpiece on a kitchen or dining room table, or as a fruit bowl on an island," she suggests. 

Le Studio coffee table book collection, with dozens of topics from which to choose, also make excellent companion pieces for food and drink areas. "Typically, books are one of the first pieces we add when styling shelves," Marie-Joe adds. 

She says they often curate dishes, glassware and bar tools for clients, based on their wishes about displaying as well as serving from dynamic choices. "I'm a huge fan of mismatched dishes, especially introducing handmade platters into the mix," she adds. "It's exquisite when pieces are different heights and textures, which allows for new items to always be added."

She affirms a popular trend is to add vintage or antique flair to table settings.

Marie-Joe says as everyone heads into larger seasonal gatherings for the holidays, she and her team are happy to assist clients with new accessories that provide quick facelifts for cuisine-oriented dinnerware and entertaining items. 


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