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Julia Eisenberg Creates Decorative (and Delicious!) Focaccia

If you’re like most of us, you found yourself with some extra time when the quarantine forced us to be homebound back in March 2020. Many people started projects and crafts or attempted to learn a new skill. However, when things opened up a bit in the summer, most of us were happy to pack up our mess and half hearted attempts at something worthy. For a few people though, the extra time and some newly discovered talents gave rise to something incredible. Newtown’s own Julia Eisenberg is one of those people.

Julia is a recent graduate from Towson University with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. She was just beginning her career in Public Relations when the quarantine hit. While working from home, trying to learn everything about her new job virtually, Julia stumbled on a food magazine with artistic looking breads. “I should try and make that,” Julia said to herself. So she did. Then she did what so many people do nowadays; she posted it on social media. 

She never expected the response from friends (and even strangers) that she received after posting her first decorative focaccia bread. The comments started flooding in, asking “Where did you get that?” “ How can I get one?” Although she was flattered, it didn’t really occur to her that she could make these breads for other people. In fact, she made her first bread and posted photos in March, but didn’t decide to sell them until June. Since then she has sold over 150 of the beautiful focaccia breads along with dozens of charcuterie boards and even platters of sweet treats. Word of mouth, says Julia, is the primary way people learn about her amazing delectable delights.

While this is definitely a side hustle for Julia, she is proud to be able to offer something to her customers that is unique and always one of a kind. Her mother, Amy Eisenberg, is a willing assistant and was one of the first to encourage Julia to sell these beautiful edible creations. Julia makes holiday-themed or special occasion themed breads, and is always interested in knowing something about the customer to make the bread or board personalized for them. 

Julia doesn’t consider herself an artist, but I would argue (and have) with her on that point. These breads are almost too pretty to eat, but I would recommend going for it. They are as pleasing to your mouth as they are to your eyes. 

Julia is still on her upward path in the world of Public Relations, but lucky for us, she manages to churn out these original works of food art for all of us to enjoy. Yes, something good has come out of 2020… something really, really, good!

Instagram: boards_by_julia

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