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Successful Realtors wear many Hats

The Edie Israel Teams' clients feel confident and well-informed in their decision-making.

There’s never a dull moment in the fast-paced world of real estate. From showing properties and staying on top of the latest trends in the industry to closing deals and signing on the dotted line, a successful Realtor must wear many hats.  

The Edie Israel Team takes their slogan, “Driven to Deliver,” to heart. Comprised of Edie Israel, her husband, John Israel, and business partner Jim Allen, this trio of trusted Realtors works tirelessly to help clients find their very own piece of paradise in Yorba Linda.  

“Driven to Deliver still describes our attitude to serving our clients, “says Edie. “This partly came from the awareness that people who are driven to succeed and who have empathy for their clients are most likely to be successful.”

Since 2002, the team has skillfully guided clients across Orange County through each step of the buying and selling process. The Edie Israel Team also educates their clients throughout the process, which is essential to clients feeling confident and well-informed in their decision-making.

“I spent most of my corporate life in sales and marketing, leading that effort in a couple of healthcare companies,” recalls Edie. “I loved the sales process and was successful. Real estate life began at Century 21 and then moved to Prudential and Coldwell Banker, all with award-winning results. Now we are enjoying life at Keller Williams Realty in Yorba Linda in our own office! This 20-year journey has been rewarding personally and professionally.”

In the early days of her real estate journey, Edie’s deals came from working a booth at Costco, where she spent her Saturday mornings presenting real estate opportunities to everyone who came through the door. From there, her successes multiplied and grew rapidly.

For the first couple of years, Edie was almost entirely on her own, with some help from Jim Allen who was a mortgage lender at the time.

“I met Edie when she was first licensed in real estate and helped her get acclimated by providing support with mortgage loans for her clients,” says Jim. “My varied real estate experience has been beneficial in an ever-changing market.”

Eventually, Edie, Jim, and John decided to create a team, with specific responsibilities for each member. 

“I got my real estate license to help Edie wherever I could,” says John. “With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Long Beach State University and a Master of Divinity Degree from Talbot Seminary (Biola University), as well as time in the U.S. Navy, I was well-rounded enough for just about anything,” says John.

Jim Allen also brings many years of real estate experience to the table. In his youth, he got an early peek into the industry through his mother, a real estate broker in the dynamic Florida real estate scene.   

“During my college years, I continued my involvement in real estate by learning about the effective management and leasing of high-rise office buildings in Dallas and Fort Worth,” Jim recalls. “During that time in north Texas, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree and MBA from Texas Christian University. Transferring to Southern California gave me the opportunity to work with the Irvine Company in management and leasing,” he says.

“My background also includes residential lending. Over the past 20 years, I have formed a solid partnership with The Edie Israel Team, focusing on residential sales in southern California.”

The Edie Israel Team is equally committed to giving back to the community they are proud to call home.

Education is one area that The Edie Israel Team passionately supports. Their philanthropic efforts include supporting local schools by providing laptops, supporting various boys’ and girls’ athletic teams, helping build a swing set at an elementary school, and supporting Spelling Bees.

They are also members of the Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce and proud sponsors of the annual Taste of Yorba Linda. Edie is a member of the Women’s Club and serves as Scholarship Chairperson, a title she holds in high esteem.

“Helping to provide scholarships to deserving high school students is a major blessing. It truly is better to give than to receive,” she says.

The City of Yorba Linda also selected Edie as the “Citizen of the Year for 2022.”

The Edie Israel Team Mission Statement:
            “Driven to deliver” guides our direction in real estate. The Edie Israel Team strives to focus on attention to detail, timely communication, and calming and supportive service, all with skillful outcomes delivered ethically with the goal of going above and beyond the client’s expectations.” 

The human aspect of real estate is clearly just as important to Edie, John, and Jim as the financial and legal aspects of a transaction.

“In real estate, there are many different stories, needs, and concerns related to our business. Some come from heartache, like the selling of a home after losing a loved one or making the decision to relocate a parent to a retirement establishment,” says John.

“We work a lot with senior citizens who really appreciate our efforts. We work closely with clients to make that move as easy and stress-free as possible. After all, what do you do with all the stuff you have accumulated over the last 50 years? It can be overwhelming to think about, let alone deal with going forward. We have been called in many times to deal with those kinds of situations. It can be an enormous relief to have a solution,” he says.

When it comes to family members making the tough choice about what to do with the home of a loved one who has passed, The Edie Israel Team has some comforting words of advice.

“Just remember you always have the memories; they are packed up in your mind,” says John, who encourages people in this position to come in for a hassle-free consultation to explore all options.

“If selling is the best option, then we discuss some improvements that will get you a higher price and a quicker sale. Over the years, we have acquired service people of the highest integrity and professionalism. We can get bids and evaluate which vendors may be the best for our clients. “We appreciate the opportunity to advise families and individuals regarding their real estate objectives for the future.”

The Edie Israel Team does it all—from handling everyday buying and selling situations to assisting clients with out-of-state moves, downsizing, or upsizing—they’ve got the experience it takes to provide you with the best results possible.

“We are good at evaluating real estate agents out of the area that we can recommend to you,” says John. “We will refer agents who share our marketing and selling approaches, and who will help our clients accomplish goals in their new destination.”

“We love what we do and believe we are good at it!”

As far as predictions for what’s next in real estate, Edie is pretty positive about the forecast

“Interest rates play a big part in the equation and the general consensus is that the rates will stay close to the 6% we are currently experiencing, [with a potential decrease] in the second half of the year,” she says.

“Prices are holding up due to a lack of supply in the marketplace, but most economists are forecasting a single-digit adjustment during the year. There are buyers out there, and the houses that sell the fastest are priced correctly, have nice upgrades, and are ready to move in. Many people will sell and many people will buy in 2023,” says Edie.

Wherever the new year finds you on your home buying and selling journey, let The Edie Israel Team show you firsthand how they earned such a stellar reputation. We help you work through the planning process to achieve your goals.

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According to Edie, “Success brings opportunity, and that entails increased involvement in the community that has served us well in real estate.

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"All of us at The Edie Israel Team love what we do and are always driven to deliver"

  • Edie Israel, 2022 Citizen of the Year
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